Roof Maintenance Tips That Every New Homeowner Should Follow


While becoming a homeowner for the first time can be exciting, it does present a new set of challenges that can be overwhelming unless you know how to deal with them. Your mandatory home inspection will have no doubt identified a list of work ranging from essential to preferable, you should never ignore any pending work required to be done either on the foundation or the roof as these are unarguably the two most important structural elements of the house. If you get your roof inspected annually, it will undoubtedly save you from expensive repairs, however, you can DIY certain things more frequently to avoid getting into trouble. Some essential tips for maintaining your roof:

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Clean Your Roof Thoroughly

Ensuring that your roof is free of debris is vital for keeping repairs at bay. You will be surprised to see the number of leaves and twigs that can accumulate on the roof and also discover missing shingles blown away by storms. It is important to wait till the roof is bone dry before attempting to clean it as it can still be a challenge negotiating it when it is wet and slippery. If you live in an area with lots of tree cover, you are sure to have moss, mold, and algae growing on the shingles. These can damage the roof and shorten its longevity due to the pooling of water. Rather than using a power-washer of a stiff bristle brush that can damage the shingles, you can use a good moss cleaner to kill the moss and then sweep it off the roof. 

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Clean the Gutters 

With debris accumulating in the gutters, they can overflow and leak causing substantial damage to the roof. It is very important to keep the gutters clean, especially after fall because the additional weight of the leaves can make the gutters come loose and pull away from the house. Not only can this make the gutters break off but also the leak will have water running down and affecting the foundation. It might be a good idea to get an inspection done by an Edina roofing professional for the peace of mind. According to, the ideal inspection schedule of gutters is twice every year.

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Conduct an Attic Inspection 

After checking the outside of the roof that faces the brunt of the elements, you should also make it a point to regularly check the inside of the roof, particularly the attic for any water seepage and damage. Often the best way of checking for water leakage is from the inside because it is dry and water stains, mildew smell or even light leaking in can be very easily spotted. Doing this every month could save you a lot of money in timely repairs. Chimney inspection and repair is best left to professionals because the extra height makes it hazardous for laypeople.

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As a homeowner, the health of your roof is very important, however, there is no need to obsess over it. Make out a regular schedule for inspection and cleaning if you are handy with your DIY skills or get your roof inspected by professionals. Make sure that the roofer is reliable, has the necessary licenses, as well as string recommendations so that you can be sure of good service. Thanks to Anchor Roofing for contributing!


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