Home Trends Coming In 2020


Most homeowners out there love seeing what the newest decor trends are so they can try to incorporate the newest thing into their home, or simply look at them and gain entertainment out of how ridiculous the trends are. The years of 2019-2020 is certainly not going to disappoint when it comes to ushering in some pretty interesting trends for your home. They may or may not be the best trends that have ever come and gone through the home decorating universe, but they are what is popular right now nonetheless. Below is a guide to the new home trends in this coming year.

All interiors by Kara Herbert Interiors and photos by Brantley Photography

Geometric designs

Geometric designs on walls, in decor items, and on large furniture pieces, have been a popular trend for a couple of years now, and it is a trend that is going to continue to stay on the forefront for 2019-2020. People enjoy using geometric designs all around the house because it gives the eye something interesting to be drawn towards. For example, you can use a geometric design on headboards to add in things like queen size bed dimensions. People love geometric designs because the lines are thin, clean, and modern without any heaviness being added to the room. While you can’t go wrong with adding some geometric elements to your room, it is important to not overdo it, and only use it when it blends in seamlessly with the style you are shooting for. Don’t be afraid to use it and add a little flair to your space!

Neutral colors are getting bold

Neutral colors all over the house have been a popular thing for a long time. People put neutral colors on the walls around the house so that any decor they buy will go well with the paint. They then can use bold colors as statement pieces throughout the home.

While neutral colors have always been popular, the actual colors that are trending now are morphing into something new. Right now the trending colors to use are bone white, wool white, and soft tinted whites that help to soften a room while keeping it light and airy.

Meanwhile, gray is going to remain in the color scheme of popular neutral colors to paint on the walls. However, in the recent past, the popular grays have been cooler shades. That is now shifting over to warmer grays that continue to make a room have a lot of open space but makes it warmer and inviting.

Gold and black chrome is shining through

Stainless steel and traditional chrome are now considered way out of fashion and gold and black chrome are taking center stage. These colors are perhaps the most shocking trends that are coming for us in 2020 and it is because it can be such a bold statement to make inside the house. We have seen over the last couple of years that people are using things like natural brass, bronzes, and gold in decorative items like side tables or light fixtures. This means that using metal in decorating a house is nothing new; even gold metal has been used to make a statement piece for decades now. Using gold and black on chrome is something that we have not seen before and it is a great way to add flair into new modern homes.

Putting workspaces and relaxing spaces together

More people are working from home than ever before. This means that now, more than ever, we see people having to find a way to make their living space a place they can also work out of comfortably. Home offices in 2020 are going to look different than they ever have before. There will still be traditional home offices and libraries in the home, but 2020 will show a push towards fusing our living spaces and working environments together. This will look like decorative and functional storage options in your living space where you can store your work stuff away. People are using their kitchen islands for more than just cooking. They are turning it into a work desk when it is not mealtime. This trend is being seen most often in homes that are an open concept; every nook and cranny needs to be used to your advantage. This is a trend that is just taking off. 2020 will be a year where we see this decor trend a lot. Why not infuse all the best parts of your home and make it as functional as it is comfortable!


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