Choosing art for your new home


Moving into a new home is exciting and stressful on so many levels. I know first hand because we are moving this month. There are so many appointments to schedule and things to do that it becomes overwhelming very quickly, and it’s easy to forget little details

Once you have completed all the major tasks, scheduling movers, packing and unpacking, you can really start to have fun turning your new home into a place you will love and grow as a family for years to come.


Decorating with Art, Objects, Framed, and Canvas Art

Finally, when the walls are painted and the furniture is arranged, it’s time to put on the “jewelry” of a room; the art. I personally love large dramatic photography and paintings, whether they are framed or quality canvas prints. I especially love using canvas prints for personal family photos, because otherwise photos just live in an album or on a hard drive where no one ever sees them. Having them displayed on your wall provides a constant reminder to what is really important in life.

I also particularly love large-scale abstract art. It is so dramatic and really ends up being the focal point of a room. I like it displayed as a single piece on it’s own, or in a grouping like displayed below. If you’re nervous about grouping art, a good way to start is to choose items with a similar color scheme, like the blue grouping below. I also love groupings of peoples trips and vacations, especially exotic ones like those from

Another cool way to add visual interest is to give small prints more gravitas by framing them with large mats and grouping them together in a grid. Most people won’t be able to resist coming in for a closer look, and the over all effect is very sophisticated. When your hard work is over, sit back and treat yourself to a binge session of your favorite show or some high-end wine,

The above ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to different ways to decorating your new home with art. My parting advice, along with making sure that you carefully research the movers you use. Don’t make a mistake – learn here, would be to seek out a lot of inspiration, and once you decide what you want to do make sure your take the time and care to have everything produced with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, like the products at Canvas Champ, or find a reputable framer. Taking these precautions means your art will be beautifully and safely displayed for years to come. Happy decorating! Thanks to Canvas Champ for collaborating!


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