How to Find Trusted Roofers in Portland


Many homeowners experience the problem of choosing the right person to do the job to fix or replace their roofs. If you are in Portland and you just experienced a devastating tornado or heavy rains, you should check your roof afterward for possible damages.

Leaks, rust, and other damages can pose problems later on for many homeowners. This is why if they notice that they need roofing repairs, they should contact someone who can do the job for them as soon as possible. Hiring a professional and trusted roofers in Portland is especially important if a homeowner does not have experience in fixing roofs and gutters.

Photograph via Poetry of Place: The New Architecture and Interiors of McAlpine
by Bobby McAlpine  (Author), Susan Sully (Author)

Here are some tips on How to Find a Pro

1. Get Referrals from Friends and Families

Most people choose contractors in their communities to prevent scams. Choosing a company located in Portland can increase your chances of hiring someone that is trusted. Another advantage is that the professionals are familiar with the local codes, regulations, and rules that are established in your area. They can find nearby suppliers and additional crews if the job requires more than one person to complete.

Photograph via Poetry of Place: The New Architecture and Interiors of McAlpine
by Bobby McAlpine  (Author), Susan Sully (Author)

2. Look for Certifications

There are roofing company providers that designate professional roofing contractors as to one of the best in your area. You can get more information about contractors in this link here. Look for designations as some roofers should pass requirements and certifications before they are recognized. A lot of manufacturers have strict requirements and only 2% to 3% pass these. Find only the best by looking at their certifications.

3. Ratings from the BBB

The Better Business Bureau is an area where you can find scores about many companies. Previous customers can leave feedback on the BBB’s website. Most people prefer companies that have satisfactory ratings and have great feedback from their previous clients as this shows that they are good at what they are doing.

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4. Get Warranties

Although this is rare, some contractors do not do a good job in replacing or repairing your roof. As a result, your insurance won’t cover incorrect installations. If there are leaks after the roof has been replaced, the company that does not offer any warranty might require you to pay extra. Your contractor might have gone out of business in the next years. As a result, you may find yourself paying for an expensive mistake that is not your doing.

5. Insurance and Safety

Repairs can be dangerous especially if you have a multi-story house. You need to get a company that has insurance in place so that you won’t be liable if accidents happen. You should also make sure that the contractor sent to you has a lot of experience and he should be well-trained. In Portland, some manufacturers offer national training and safety procedures. They provide certificates after the training so be sure to look for them when you are considering a contractor.

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6. Price is Not Everything

Do not settle for a company because they claim that they are the cheapest. Sometimes, the price has nothing to do with the quality of the repairs and the materials needed to replace your roof. A legitimate company has to consider insurance, overhead expenses, and worker’s wages. Most of the people who do repairs for sideline might not be even be insured. You can read more about insurance in this site: You can be pressed for charges or be under litigation if something happens to them while they are working. You need to choose the one that is within your budget but will guarantee you quality workmanship.

7. Do Not Entertain Storm Chasers

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After a storm, you may find people knocking at your doors and asking if you need replacement or repairs on your shingles. Do not get the services of unknown people since they might not be insured or they might not have the proper certifications to get your roof repaired. The best way is to find a satisfied client who can recommend you to someone whom the work is very satisfactory. Do not give in to the pressure of storm chasers and you are not obliged to entertain them. Only work with trusted and reliable expert roofing companies out there. Thanks to Tony’s Roofing for consulting on this post


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