From Bachelor Pad to Personal Kingdom


Thoughts of a bachelor pad often conjure up images of recklessly placed furniture, mountains of laundry, a kitchen teeming with mold, and very little by way of décor. Many assume that there is a lack of experience in decorating that creates such an unpleasant living condition, while others blame finances and shopping know-how. Regardless of which situation proves the real culprit for the lack of quality, there is hope for the bachelor pad. With the right touch, it can become an inviting and peaceful living space without compromising on masculinity.

Interiors via Leo Designs Chicago

The Quality of Products

Despite ideas and assumptions of manliness, good quality products can establish comfort and function in any environment. Working with green materials and fabrics can play on the strong yet subtle nature of wood or other earthy elements. A focus on the durability and resilience of bamboo can send a signal of masculinity without the room looking or even feeling uncomfortable. The team at Cariloha has a unique line of products that fit such a lifestyle. Choosing to spend your resources on sustainable materials will actually save money in the long run, improve the environment, and send a strong message of control and competence.

Interiors via Leo Designs Chicago

Choosing a Theme

It is true that some bachelor pad décor scenes are random and attributed to impulse purchases. To avoid such a collection of items from dotting the walls and cluttering the bookcase, establish a theme for your dwelling. Whether you are into sports, hunting, or prefer contemporary design, keeping your furniture, décor, and color scheme connected between rooms helps create a fantastic space. Entertaining becomes more of a pleasure because you have an inviting space to host and attract attention. After you discover what you want your space to say about you, the work begins on amassing the perfect collection of supporting details.

Interiors via Leo Designs Chicago

The Must-Haves

It doesn’t matter how big or how small your space is. If you want to truly showcase the better side of yourself and play host to a variety of guests, you will need a few key pieces of furniture. Always have a living room that is comfortable and can accommodate a few people. A leather sofa is a huge sign of a bachelor pad, but it is easy to clean and incredibly durable. End tables provide storage, dining support, and also can play host to table lamps. Table lamps are great for creating mood lighting, and with their help, you can transform your space to meet a number of needs. A dining area, with a table and at least two chairs, makes a statement about your competence as a housekeeper. Not that it might matter, but eating on the couch or the bed isn’t very romantic. Have enough tableware and cookware to demonstrate a mastery of the kitchen. Create the opportunity to prove your abilities and also take care of your health and well-being. A home-cooked meal saves money, putting it back in your pocket for other activities.

Interiors via Leo Designs Chicago

If you want to dispel myths about bachelor pad living, take some of these ideas to heart. You might not be ready to set up house, but creating a space that fits your personality and offers functionality helps improve your mental and emotional health. In turn, this can drive you towards other areas of success.  Thanks to Cariloha for collaborating!


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