Wondering What To Do With A Spare Room? Five Amazing Ideas!


When you would like to know what to do with a spare room in your house, you have some options.  You are not stuck with the most basic room ideas because you can use the five ideas below.  Plus, you can change this room into a versatile space like a flex room that will change the way that you entertain yourself and your family.  When you get the room put together in the right way, you will start enjoying this room so much more than you ever did before. 

Interior via Breeze Giannasio

1.  The Playroom

You can read something like 17 Bright Ideas so that you can learn how to design the room in a way that will look great.  You owe it to yourself to make the room look nice, and you can turn it into a play room that everyone in the family can use.  When you do that, you can put in a TV, gaming console, and even a dance floor.  Put your puzzles and games in this room, and ensure that you have a TV cable box in the room so that you can watch your favorite shows.  You could even put all you DVDs in this room because that makes the room more fun for you.

Design via Andrea West Design

2.  The Office

You could turn this room into an office, and you will find that having an office makes it easier for you to get work done.  When you would like to have a nice office to work in, you can set up the room with a TV and the Ethernet cable outlet.  This is an easy place to work, and it is a fun place to work because you have included all the entertainment that you know you need.  You owe it to yourself to make the house a good place to work, and this spare room can be an office where you might run a while business.

Design via Andrea West Design

3.  The Bedroom

You can turn the spare room into a bedroom fairly easily.  This is a good place to to put a spare room because you want to have more space for your guests.  Plus, you could easily turn this bedroom into a study or office when people are not around.  You coul even get a bed that folds down out of the wall if you wanted to.

Interior via Breeze Giannasio

4.  Storage

You can turn your spare room into a storage room, but you need to stay organized with the shelving units and boxes that help you find everything that you need.  If you are doing this the right way, you will see a big difference in how the house is organized, and you will not need to spend money on a storage unit.

Interior via Breeze Giannasio

5.  Studio

You could turn the spare room into a studio or a workshop.  When this is the case, you can get a lot of work done in the room.  Plus, this room could easily turn into a place to sleep if you have someone over or you have been creating all through the night. Thanks to 17BrightIdeas for collaborating.


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