Samsung The Frame TV: A Work Of Art That Adds Beauty to Your Home


Samsung The Frame TV is $2,000 4K TV that also works as a digital display for works of art. In fact, you can hang it on your wall with a “no gap” mount and attach TV décor frames to its sides so that it resembles a painting. Great idea, right? For some people, The Frame might be just another television wrapped in fancy sales pitch. But we’ll show you how this TV is not just all for show, but a wonderful and practical addition to your home.

Samsung The Frame TV is actually dubbed by Samsung marketing materials as, “The most beautiful TV you’ve ever seen.” Judging by it’s witty use of words, suggests that you could hang this TV on your living room’s wall, and nobody would actually think that it’s a television with state-of-the art features. In addition to that, it features an “art mode” where you can choose between different photos, prints, and paintings to display on the screen when the TV is turned off. It also boasts of a motion sensor that enables it to display the “art” only whenever someone is within the proximity. This can save you tons on electricity. Impressive, right?

Getting to Know Samsung The Frame TV

Samsung has worked hard over the years to make your TV more than just an entertainment hub for you and your family. They put effort into making it a furniture that’s attractive and can stand on its own.

Samsung The Frame TV is designed to be wall mounted.  The company worked together with different art galleries, artists, and collectors around the world to bring famous works of art into the Frame TV’s screensaver catalogue. These artworks are displayed instead of an empty black screen on standby mode. This turns your TV not just as a gadget, but a work of art.

While the Samsung The Frame TV hasn’t had a pleasant run for its earlier models (due to issues with picture performance when acting as a regular screen), it’s 2019 model looks like a better and more refined version that will definitely live up to the hype.

Samsung The Frame TV Price and Availability

Samsung The Frame TV comes in 43, 55 and 65-inch models. The 2019 release will include a 49-inch model. The 43-inch model goes for $1,299, the 55-inch model can set you back around $2,000, and the 65-inch model is around $2,800. The pricing for the 2019 release goes for around $1,500 and up.

In order to gain access to Samsung The Frame TV’s library of artworks powering its Art Mode, you’ll need to pay $4.99 a month for subscription.

Because these TVs are big, the cost-to-value ration will play a huge role in your decision to purchase one. For most people, at first glance, these TVs are simply just too expensive.


The design of Samsung The Frame TV contributes a lot to its appeal. It was designed to slip into the background unassumingly, and Samsung made sure to deliver by adding some smart little add-ons to make things easier for you.

To begin with, The Frame TV features customizable bezels. You can freely choose from five different bezel finishes—black, white, gray, and light and dark brown wood. This would make your TV look like a framed painting hung on a wall.

Samsung also worked hard on making wall mountings a smart option for Samsung The Frame TV. Each The Frame TV set packs in a “gap-free” wall mounting system that lets it hang without leaving a gap or jutting out an angle on your wall.  

Another plus to The Frame TV series is that its screen boasts of Samsung’s One Connect cabling system. This cabling system uses a single clear cable that connects the TV to a separate connection box that houses the USB, HDMI connections, and power. This leaves you with a very discreet design not withstanding its Art Mode.

Picture Quality

What really sets Samsung The Frame TV apart from its competitors is the Art Mode—it’s really what we’re all here for. The 2019 Frame TV models are expected to look better than its predecessors. The 2019 models now sport 4k QLED panels, giving off rich colors and high contrast levels.

As a matter of fact, during the demo showcase for Samsung’s annual Forum event in Porto, Portugal, a lot of people had to do a double take as they passed by Samsung The Frame TV exhibit. Samsung had cleverly lined up a bunch of The Frame TVs on a wall together with actual paintings and works of art. It was only when the TVs shifted to another artwork did people realize the frames were filled with paper and had a screen inside.

How is Samsung able to pull this off? It’s all thanks to its brightness sensor that always scans its surroundings. This sensor allows the TV to adjust the screen’s brightness according to its surroundings.

While you might say this feature isn’t something exclusively unique to The Frame TV, Samsung’s application is a little bit different. For example, it’s Art Mode’s brightness and contrast settings is not necessarily for making moving images look more legible, but to make the artwork look and feel as if they’re actually placed on real canvas—and Samsung The Frame TV achieves this quite well!

When it comes to its regular viewing modes, the 2019 Frame TV models appear to be superior to its predecessors. By using QLED screen technology, Samsung The Frame TV gives you better, richer brightness levels (at 4000 nits max) for more stunning HDR viewing experience. The colors on the 2019 models are said to be better and more vibrant that the older ones.

While The Frame TV’s specs falls short of the picture quality of Samsung’s standard QLED lineup, especially the beautiful and eye-catching Q950R 8K model. However, recent upgrades have set the newer The Frame TV from the novelty feeling that previous versions had.

Audio and Speakers

Speaker performance of Samsung The Frame TV’s speakers and audio is not exactly an area we are an expert on. But Samsung has recently started investing in AI tech in a bid to improve the audio performance of its TVs and tune it based on their immediate surroundings, customizing output based on data on the show or movie being played.

We hope this means the newer Samsung The Frame TV models will have clearer, crisper dialogues, including strong bass sounds for action movies or sporting content.


The software aspect of Samsung’s the Frame TV is also impressive. It runs on Tizen 3.0, the latest version of Samsung’s exclusively owned operating system. With this OS, you can do basically anything you do with any smart TV, such as install apps and access the Internet, go on YouTube and online streaming sites and more. It also comes with an app that controls the TV’s Art Mode.

Samsung The Frame TV comes with over 100 art works and paintings from 37 artists from around the world. There’s also a store from which you can purchase more artworks via a dedicated smartphone app. If you’re not interested in displaying artworks, you can upload your own photos or images and display them on the screen while it is in Art Mode. You can do all this using the smartphone app.

The main point is that the Frame TV’s primary selling point isn’t only focused it having a high-quality display or that it’s a full-featured smart TV. It focuses more on it being a “complete package” and the aesthetic appeal to it is just a bonus—one that you can take advantage and use as a medium for artworks. But since it’s display is, more or less, the same with those in cheaper Samsung TVs, you might find yourself paying huge money for this product.

Verdict for Samsung The Frame TV

All in All Samsung the Frame TV 2019 model looks good—it’s a unique set that sets it apart from the competition.

Samsung’s commitment to welcoming industrial design and access to hundreds of artworks as screensavers makes the Frame TV unique in its own right. If you consider your TV not just to be an entertainment hub for you and your family but also a fashion statement then Samsung The Frame TV might be worth an investment.

Is the display quality of The Frame TV by Samsung something I would vouch for? Absolutely. Would I recommend people to install it in their foyers to impress visiting friends and families? Sure! Would I recommend you to spend over a thousand dollars on a TV that boasts to be a work of art? The decision lies on you, but personally, the Frame TV is a good investment if you want to satisfy your TV watching experience at home. Thanks to for collaborating!

Samsung The Frame TV Specs

  • 4K LED display
  • Quad Core processor
  • HDR Pro
  • 120 Hz (240 Hz effective) refresh rate
  • Wi-Fi ready
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Optical Audio Outzone Port
  • Tizen 3.0 OS
  • 4 HDMI 2.0 Ports
  • Ethernet Port
  • Samsung Smart Hub


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