All about wood furniture – the basics you should know


When it comes to furnishing a house, many home owners opt for wooden furniture to provide both a traditional and elegant environment. It has been a popular material for many years, okay, for always,  for both furniture and for use in construction – and this is mainly down to its durability. Pieces of wooden furniture often get handed down from generation to generation, becoming valuable antiques and cherished family heirlooms. Wood is not only timeless, but it is also adaptable to any style.

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via Schuyler Samperton When choosing your furniture, you will need to decide between hardwoods and softwoods (the former come from deciduous trees whereas the latter come from coniferous or ‘evergreen’ trees). Oak furniture is a popular hardwood choice, as it is incredibly strong and long-lasting, with other popular options being walnut furniture and teak furniture, both of which create a high-end look that some homeowners prefer.

Softwoods are generally more affordable, with cedar and pine being the most popular. For people who want a light, attractive wood for their furniture, pine ranges from a pale yellow colour to a medium brown, and its fresh fragrance makes it a highly desirable option. Pine is also particularly suitable for painting and varnishing, giving more options to create different styles.

Antique pine. Dark woods – such as mahogany, walnut and rosewood – can be used to create a rich, expensive-looking décor whereas light woods – such as pine, ash and maple – can often create a cottagey feel, say for a country kitchen. Solid oak furniture is one of the most popular options at the moment due to its durability and versatility, and it comes in various different types and finishes. Choose a reclaimed or reproduction piece to fit in with a traditional or rustic style house, or furnish your modern, contemporary home with weathered or limed oak furniture to give it a subtle vintage look. This post in partnership with Amish Furniture Factory


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