The Top 5 Steel Framing Myths Demolished


In the vast realm of construction and all its methods, it is sufficient to say that there have been quite a few innovations along the way. While any kind of change is always welcome in every way, one still has to be careful about the prevailing myths and how to distinguish them from actual facts. For a newbie, doing this is anything but easy.

“Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth” is one of the oldest sayings out there and nowhere does this particular phrase apply more than to the aspect of myths. Be it the case of aluminium awnings in Brisbane or even combustible cladding, myths need to be exposed and deconstructed. This is just so that people gain an understanding of why and how they became prevalent myths in the first place.

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On that note, let us get into the top five steel framing myths:-

  • Steel framed homes fare the worst in a fire: Now, in this case, a lot of people are unaware of the actual properties of steel. Here’s the truth of the matter – steel is as non-combustible as it gets and will definitely not make a fire worse.

    In most cases, the window and roof framings in this regard are free from any kind of combustible materials. This actually prevents the further spread of fire and reduces the intensity and potential damage that it can cause. Rest assured that steel helps in every way.

  • The aspect of noise is a bigger problem compared to other homes: This is one of the most common misconceptions regarding steel out there. After all, what is the main reason for noise in your home space? The movement of materials in any slight way.

    Sure, steel frames do contract and expand with cold and heat, but so does every single other building material out there to some extent. Hence, there will be little to no additional noise felt inside your home and unlike timber, it does not have the disadvantage of absorbing moisture.

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  • These kinds of frames are sure to rust faster: Maybe this was the case back in the day, but now, steel has been specifically manufactured to avoid any kind of excessive rusting. There is little doubt about that fact. Most steel nowadays is galvanised steel that has a protective coating to avoid any kind of corrosion or rust.

    When it comes to homes near lakes or off the coast, rusting will obviously be more of a problem due to excessive amounts of moisture in the air throughout the year. That is not a problem by itself, provided you contact the ideal service that can offer you steel types that have been specifically designed for coastal environments. Doing this is essential on your part.

  • The problem of mobile reception in a steel framed home: Once again, another long-standing misconception that people need to get rid of. The ultimate fact of the matter is that EM waves tend to move around steel just like they do with wood. Be it mobile phones, other electronic gadgets or WiFi, none of them will be affected with regard to performance in any way.

  • Such a home is more likely to get struck by lightning: In the case of this particular misconception, almost everyone has been guilty of spreading it far and wide. Actually, timber framing is less safe than steel because the latter is a better conductor of electricity.

    Not only is it not a life-threatening event in any shape or form, but the uncontrolled electricity will not cause any damage to your home and flow straight into the ground.
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Finally, make sure that you remember all of the above myths just to ensure that you do not fall into the same trap as so many others have. The above myths have managed to dissuade enough people from investing any of their time and money in steel frames which is unfortunate since they are an extremely viable option in today’s day and age and tend to work better than most other housing materials.

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All in all, the overall look of a steel-framed home is truly elegant and classy that is hard to find in most other houses over there. You can be sure of that. Plus, more and more people are looking for ways to incorporate other related trends into the fabric of their homes. The overall look is aesthetically modern while at the same time, paying homage to the classic trends of the past. That is the primary appeal of a steel-framed home. Thanks to Dunmoe Cladding Services for collaborating!


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