Hallway makeovers: 4 tips to transform yours


During the house buying and selling process, it would be fair to say that the main emphasis tends to sit with the kitchen, and sometimes the bathroom. After all, in relation to the former, this is allegedly the most important room in the house.

Something which doesn’t grab quite as many headlines is the hallway. This is somewhat surprising; after all, this is usually the first area of the home that visitors set eyes upon – and we all know about the power of first impressions.

The great thing about this area of the home is that you don’t need to spend a small fortune to transform it. It’s completely possible to do without spending huge sums of money, and this is what today’s article is going to focus on.

Photography: Amy Bartlam
Design: Barbie Palomino

Give yourself a solid platform to build on

One of the best starts you can make with your hallway is working from the ground upwards. In other words, your floor is hugely important and if you are looking for that big impact, consider a wooden floor.

Sure, they are expensive, but nothing quite shouts ‘wow’ as stepping into a hallway with this material. Of course, if finances don’t allow, a laminate floor can work effectively and still make a monumental difference.

Regardless of the route that you take, it can be advisable to find a handyman in Riverside to do the job for you. Piecing together flooring is a tricky task – and the last thing you need is for the whole thing to be uneven.

Photo by Amy Bartlam. Design by Carly Waters Style.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

It doesn’t matter what room of the house you are focussing on, one of the easiest ways to make a striking impression is with mirrors. They reflect the light, and ultimately make the whole space look a lot bigger.

When it comes to your hallway, this can mean that that the space looks huge to walk into, and with light rebounding off every wall it can be prove to be utterly inviting.

Photo by Amy Bartlam. Design by J Kurtz Design.

Bring in the natural-factor

Something that a lot of people forget with their hallway is bringing in the outside. This is a room that tends to lead from the outdoors, so linking the two with plants and flowers can be an excellent way to transition this. It can also add some much-needed character to a space that is often unloved.

Photography Amy Bartlam
Design Amy Sklar

Making an impact with your wall colour

Let’s leave one of the simplest tips until the end. Something that has hopefully come apparent through today’s article is the importance of natural light and making sure that it rebounds through your entire hallway.

An easy way to achieve this is by relying on white. White walls might sound boring on the face of things, but they do an excellent job of reflecting light. It also makes for a very clean entrance and particularly if you also have a white ceiling, the whole environment can prove to be extremely relaxing as you step into it. Thanks to Porch for collaborating!


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