Tips to Save Money on Air Conditioning


Summer comes with scorching heat and the need to keep yourself cool. The weather gets super-hot, sweaty, and can be a bit uncomfortable when it comes to surviving. Especially if you live in countries that are close to being hot like the Sahara Dessert. Places like Australia, Middle East and some of the Asian countries increase in temperature till a 30 degree Celsius and sometimes even more. During such a temperature, there is a need to cool yourself down with the air conditioners, which is definitely a relief for those who live in endless summers.

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However, there is a downside to that as well. Your air conditioner works super hard during the peak seasons. Well, of course that also means the bill would drastically increase, depending on the usage and demand. The consumption of energy soars just like the temperature during the day. Nevertheless, these problems can be combated, by following some effective tips that enable the users to decrease their air conditioning bill during the summers. Other than that, it also gives them a chance to live in a comfortable environment. Applying these tips and visiting Deep Chill air conditioning Gold Coast would definitely help you cool down this summer.

Night Mode

Since the weather is comparatively hotter during the day, keep your air conditioner on and when the weather cools down during the night, turn it off. The logic behind this is very easy. The breeze during the evening is cooler, which can be taken advantage of by turning off the air conditioners and letting the cool breeze come in through the windows. It will definitely cool the atmosphere down.

Nevertheless, our body does not require the temperature to be the same as that of when you are awake during the day. So, by turning off the air conditioner, you can save energy and have a good night sleep as well.

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Ceiling Fan

Using a ceiling fan can make the room feel six times cooler and give a chilling effect. Although a fan does not cool down the room, instead it just makes the room more comfortable to be in. However, remember to turn the fan off whenever you are not using it, so you can conserve energy as well. Moreover, using a ceiling fan would enable the cool air to disperse efficiently and it also allows you to raise the thermostat to as much as four degrees, without any hassle.


The thermostat and the degree of the AC really matters. Keeping it at a moderate temperature maintains the energy and prevents the consumption of excessive electricity. So, the best thing that you can do to save money is keep your Ac at a temperature between 24-26 degrees. This will enable you to save money on the bill and it will also regulate the temperature of the room keeping it comfortable. However, do not set it a degree warmer than the actual room temperature because that would just exert the energy and have little or no effect on saving energy.

In order to save energy, consider setting a timer on the thermostat so it automatically adjusts and saves energy efficiently.

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Keeping the room dark prevents the excessive heat from soaking in and helps save energy because the solar heat is drawn away. Reflective blinds, curtains and closed windows reduce the gain of heat in the room. Moreover, use light color treatments because that prevents the scorching rays of the sun.

Clean Equipment

Lastly, here is another way to reduce the Ac bill during the summers. Ensure the maintenance of the filter by either replacing it or cleaning it optimally. Thanks to Deep Chill for collaborating!


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