Ways to Improve the Security of Your Home


The tips below will help you prevent your home from becoming a target for burglars. Break-ins are a common thing in some areas. But that does not mean that you need to be the soft target in your neighborhood. Read below for steps to keep criminals away from your palace.

As much as it may be challenging to keep them away, there are many ways in which you can make them lack interest in coming to your home or make it difficult to break in.

The following tips will save you from being a victim of burglary.

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1. Keep your valuables away from burglars view

The first step towards making your home safe is by not giving burglars reasons to want to break in. If you let your TV and other valuables be visible from the windows or doors, it will be easier for the burglars to strategize and take them. Also, they will be motivated.

For this reason, you need to visit selectblindscanada.ca and hook yourself up with smart blinds and other shades that will improve the privacy of your home. On the same point, money and expensive jewelry are better off in a safe than out in the open.

2. Do away with the “hide-a-key “technique

It will not take a smart and experienced burglar too long before they discover where you hide your key. Instead of hiding keys in the flower bed, you should consider having copies so that your family members may carry theirs. Or, invest in a smart door lock, whose user code can only be accessed by a friend or family.

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3.  Do not have doors that have glass near the handle

You have probably seen it in the movies. There is nothing as easy as breaking into a house that has glass near the handle. All they need to do is break the glass to get into your home. As gisty as glass doors may be, they are not entirely safe. Unless you have another layer of security. Do not give burglars an easy way in.

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4. Install motion activated lights

These will not only scare the burglar, but it will also alert you if there is unusual activity in your yard. Burglars do not love spotlights especially when they are in the act, having them will make them reluctant and forget about even breaking into your home.

5. Be aware of your surrounding

If you just moved into a new neighborhood, you should consider talking to the police and find out if there are any security issues. With the information that you will get, you will be in a better position to take the necessary precaution and have the appropriate security systems in place.

Photography: Amy Bartlam
Interior Design: Jette Creative

6. Install an alarm system

Alarms for home has proved to be very useful in keeping burglars away in many homes. If you do not have this system for your house, then you are making it easy for the criminals to take your belongings. You can either have wired or wireless systems. Are they effective? Certainly.

The moment a burglar tries to break in, the systems will raise an alarm which will freak them out. They will be forced to abort their mission. Also, the systems can signal security companies to come to your rescue if you have been attacked.

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7. Have barriers

Thorny hedges will make it difficult for pilferers to get into your property. That is on top of making your home beautiful. Remember the goal is to make it as difficult as possible for the thieves to get in. Also, it kills their morale thinking of all the work that they will have to do before they reach your electronics.

However, do not have the barriers too close to your house as they may conceal the burglars.

It is also essential to fool the thieves. Try as much as you can to make your home not to look deserted even if you will be gone for long. Make it appear as if there is still someone in the house. Leaving a few lamps on and your mow looking great is an excellent way of making them think there is someone around.


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