5 Fabulous Living Rooms

I thought today might be a good day to just do a round up of some fabulous rooms. Being that my family and I spend the most time in our living room, I wanted to pay a little homage to that room and find five fabulous ones to share with you all. Also, I wanted to find 5 living rooms that represented different styles, but were all accessible. Enjoy and happy Friday!
Emily Followill colorful elegant living room
image via Emily Followill

Fun and Elegant

The bones and forms of this space and furniture are all very elegant, but the unexpected colors and playful patterns really keeps this space happy and away from being too stuffy.

Clean and Comfortable

The living room above is one of my favorites of the bunch. It is very cozy and comfortable, which keeps the the clean lines and soft palette of the space from seeming too sterile.
via Lisa Furey Interiors

Airy and Eclectic

I’m a big fan of eclectic interiors but sometimes they get a bit too cluttered and busy for my taste. This space is so effortless in it’s mix of styles and periods. The amazing natural light doesn’t hurt either!
via Sally Wheat

Young Sophisticated

I love this living room because it reminds me of being a single gal when I could decorate my space with corals and florals and fun colors like citron yellow! This living room says, “I’m young but that doesn’t mean I don’t have great taste!
via Leo Designs Chicago

Traditional Country

What would a round up be without an appearance from the style I was born into, traditional country? When you are surrounded by amber waves of grain, red tomatoes ready to burst, and lush green trees, your home can bow out and stick to calming neutrals!


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