Beautiful homes in shades of blue


Rooms in shades of blue are popular for a reason – the color works in every room

Most of our house is painted in a light aqua blue.  It’s soothing, airy, and doesn’t clash with anything.  It just works.  It doesn’t try to make too much of a statement or chase the latest trend.

Below are other examples to serve as inspiration for blue rooms in every shade – from dark and dusky to light and bright.

Even different shades of blue as accent colors work when mixed together.  And how about those french doors in the bedroom!
via BHG

Chango & Co, one of my favorite interior design firms and based in Brooklyn, created this amazing girl’s bedroom with a cheerful blue on the walls.
via Chango & Co

A textrured indigo on the wall ties together the bolder blues in the bedding and the settee.  I love the blue and white patterned bedspread!!
via BHG

More indigo blue on textured walls.  So clean and airy, but also cozy and intimate
via BHG

Blue can be glamorous also, expecially when used in a glossy finish and on upscale details like wainscoting.

Dark and dusky blue makes this dining room an intimate place to catch up with family.
via Coastal Creative

Do you use blue in your home?  If so, in what shades and what room?


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