9 Minor Changes That Make a Major Difference in Your Bedroom and Your Life Too

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Your bedroom is your life in 200-plus square feet or less. That’s where you sleep, dream, and work. Once in a while, you get this itch to replace or rearrange furniture or perhaps remove clutter from your closet.

No matter how much you love your bedroom, you can always alter it for the better. If you find a total makeover out of the question, how about carrying out small changes that can upsize the room’s appearance and function? Who’s up for bedroom upgrades that are worth every cent?

The Bedroom DIY Challenge

What’s your goal for this latest project? Is it make your room bigger, roomier, or simply homier? It’s for you to decide as you work on improving your bedroom one little change at a time.

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Heal with “Therapeutic” Pillows

You can’t buy a good night’s sleep, but you can take care of the small details to let have a good one. Find pillows that are good for the neck and other parts of the body to help you sleep through the night. The experience spells a whole world of difference when you wake up the next day. You can find these “therapeutic” pillows in bedding and mattress shops offline and online.

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Bring in the Nightstand

What is a bedroom without a bedside table? The style and design for nightstands range from rustic to coastal bedroom furniture pieces whose finishes create a mood when sunlight filters in the window or when darkness falls. You can opt for a chest with two to three drawers for storage, a table with a single drawer, or one that only has a tabletop. Decorate it with flowers, candles, books, and framed pictures and paintings.

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Throw Some Shade

It’s getting warmer outside, and you want to brighten your room without hurting your eyes. Between curtains and drapes, how about shades you can roll and unroll whenever you like? As some people do, you can install shades over thin white or gauzelike curtains for aesthetic and privacy purposes.

Organize Your Closet

Devote one weekend to rummage through your closet, and take out every single piece of clothing. Then proceed to make two piles for clothes, shoes, and bags: to keep and to donate or sell. Turn to Marie Kondo for folding inspiration so you can keep your closet organized and your clothes wrinkle-free.


You are thinking of freeing up space in your cramped room. Throw out or give away what you don’t need—old computers, unused appliances, papers, art supplies, as well as boxes and plastic bags filled with random things. You have some serious cleaning to do, and be sure you wear a protective mask. 

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Mess Up Your Bed

You’ve been taught to make your bed and that your inner neat freak would have cried at the abomination of a bed in disarray. But if you are feeling that your bedroom looks too perfect and sterile, how about leaving your bed as if you’ve slept on it the whole day? The effect might be more psychological and homier.

Rearrange Furniture (and Discard Some)

For a change of scenery, try to reposition your bed and nightstand. Limit your furniture to what you are currently using at the moment, discarding those pieces that will only take up space. For example, you can give out extra chairs as you have your sofa or daybed. You may be able to repurpose certain pieces, but if there’s a likelihood that they will end up in the storage, you may as well discard them for good.

Say Goodbye to Wires

There are many ways to organize your cables and wires and avoid tripping on any of them. The solutions to this tangled mass range from simple to complicated. If you have a PC, hide your cables underneath your desk with a wire basket. Store your extension cables when not in use.

Give Your Room a Scent

They say a smell or a scent triggers memories. You can place perfume sachets in lavender and other variants in your chests, drawers, and armoires.

DIY deodorizers take care of the room’s overall fragrance. And when you are soaking in the tub or resting by your bedside, scented candles will bring the aroma for relaxation. These scents can also remove not-so-pleasant odors in your room. 

Your bedroom is a shape-shifter; you can transform it to whatever suits you best. And those small changes can contribute to a larger whole that is your improved personal living space. Thanks to Lisa Thompson for consulting with us on this post!


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