Recommended Glass Materials To Introduce Separators & Sliding Doors In Hospitals


Modern hospitals require interior decorations that make them look flashy and comfortable for the patients and the personnel working within the facility. When introducing interior décor within a hospital, it is essential to ensure the materials used are of high quality and they are approved by relevant authorities. The quality of materials used may determine their durability and the entire outlook of the hospital facility. Interior designers with sufficient experience should be contracted to ensure every installation is flawless and the décor is stylish and trendy. Using glass is modern commercial facilities has become a norm due to the benefits that the material has to the investors.   Using glass for the decoration of the hospitals interior will help to raise the confidence of the patients and visitors whenever they come into the hospital. With the flashy and modern look, most patients would be confident that they will get top of the class services and products. This would prompt them to seek further services and also recommend this to other people they meet with every day. The partitions and doors within a hospital should open smoothly in case the patients want to pass through them; they do not have to use too much energy to open them up. Using different types of glass materials for the interior decoration can also help to raise its value as compared to others in the same industry. If you have a hospital and you are looking for the best glass to use for the interior partitions and doors, then this article will be helpful to you. It discusses the different types of glass that can be used in modern hospitals to make them look elegant and classy.

Frosted Glass

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Most of the rooms in the hospitals are full of patients and nurses or physicians attending to them. Some of the patients might be uncomfortable having other people looking at them when they are being treated. Also, if a hospital has wards that are partitioned using glass, it would be best to use frosted glass for the partitions and the doors. Frosted glass is among those glass materials that are preferred if there is any privacy or security required within a facility. Mostly, when you need ensuring that every patient is comfortable within their rooms to ensure that you use frosted glass that cannot allow people to see through easily. This way, your patients will have some privacy as they await their treatment in the wards. Also, the partitions in the management and physicians’ offices should have frosted glass partitions to maintain their privacy and security no physician would want to be distracted when they are working on something important in the office.

Patterned Glass

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 This is another glass type which is used in situations where privacy is required. Within a hospital environment, there are patients with different health conditions. Maintaining each patient’s privacy is important. If a hospital has to remain classy by using glass partitions and transition doors, using patterned glass would be a great idea. Patterned glass has various patterns that are attractive and look stylish. This way, you may have many people having more confidence when they are booked within the wards that are made from patterned glass. The patterned glass just like the frosted type does not allow people to see through them. However, they are good at allowing light to pass through which makes the rooms to remain illuminated and conducive for the patients. The hospital management can ask for a customized patterned glass to be supplied to them for the partitions and doors. Also, exterior windows can be made with patterned glass to make the exterior look appealing and unique.

Tinted Glass

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Tinted glass comes in many colors for decoration. The colored tinted glass is mostly used for rooms that are restricted for staff only. Within the theater rooms, the doors can be made from tinted glass. The tinted glass does not allow people to see through them which give doctors privacy to perform different procedures on patients. The surgery room is one of the sections that require the utmost privacy. Thus, having the doors, windows and the partitions made with tinted windows can be a great idea in the long run. A disadvantage of this type of glass, however, is that does not allow much natural light to get into the room. Therefore, artificial lighting might be required to remain on for longer periods resulting in energy inefficiency. If you are looking forward to introducing tinted glass, you may consider it for the sliding doors and the partitions. However, the windows should use other types of glass that will allow light to pass through.

Double Paned Glass
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 Double paned glass also known as an insulating glass is made to help in regulation of both temperatures and sound. In hospitals, high levels of sound might be harmful to patients and could make them uncomfortable. They should always be protected from loud noises since they need to get well as soon as it is possible. With the doors and partitions being made from double paned glass, you will have no problem worrying about noise disturbance from the outside. When the external walls and partitions have the insulating window, the interior of the hospital remains quiet and conducive for any patient. Also, partitions separating two adjacent wards can use the double paned glass type so that they can provide privacy to patients in each of the rooms. When they speak, their voices cannot be heard in adjacent rooms thus maintaining their privacy in the long run.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is made up of two glass panes being put together with a polyvinyl plastic being put between them. This type of glass is used when there is more security needed within a structure. Within hospital facilities, it is paramount to ensure that patients are protected from anything that may harm them. Usually, accidents are bound to happen within the hospital setting and thus the need to have laminated glass being sued for the partitions and the doors. Laminated glass is difficult to break, and when accidents happen, the patients are more secure than when another standard glass type is used. When you are looking out for the security of your patients, laboratory equipment or other products within a   hospital, you might need to use the laminated glass. They will not only make the facility more secure but will also enhance the interior décor in the long run. The hospital facility will look unique, elegant and flashy.

Tempered Laminated Glass

Tempered glass is made using a technique that exposes it to extreme conditions in real life. It is exposed to extreme temperatures and treated with chemicals so that it is hard enough. The hardness and resistance to extreme heat conditions and abrasion is a great feature which makes tempered glass popular for both exterior and interior décor. With the tempered,laminated glass, there is enhanced security compared to when either laminated or tempered glass is used alone. There is also improved durability of the doors and partitions, and the management can rest easy knowing that their patients, important equipment and products are safe. Mostly, this type of glass is suitable for use in laboratory and pharmacy doors and partitions within a hospital.



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