Replacement Glass Ideas To Make Commercial Buildings Secure & Look Flashy


Modern commercial buildings are designed to offer enough room for people to do various businesses and rent out offices. Due to the improvement in construction technologies, most commercial buildings are made from glass. They stand out from the traditional buildings that are mostly made from bricks and wood. However, this does not mean that traditional building materials cannot be combined to produce an outstanding structure. When including glass as part of the construction materials in commercial buildings, there are various qualities that should be considered for instance, the strength of a glass, thickness and durability. Consideration of such factors makes it convenient for commercial building owners to come up with designs they think can make them unique and modernized. When you are constructing a commercial building with glass, you ought to understand that there are risks involved. Glass is a brittle and fragile material and is susceptible to breakage and cracking. Broken glass can make a commercial building to look unattractive which is not a positive attribute.

Commercial building owners should always maintain the look of their structures s that there are no accidents registered. Having a commercial building that has modernized interior and exterior décor makes it look modernized and well maintained. Replacement of glass should be done immediately the broken or cracked glass is identified. This can help to reduce accidents as well as retain the aesthetic nature of the structure. If you are looking to replace glass in a commercial building, but you have no ideas to incorporate, you will find this article informative. It highlights some of the essential replacement glass ideas that you can use to make the commercial buildings look flashy.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass is a popular glass type which has been used in the construction of both commercial and residential buildings. Tinted glass offers an improved level of privacy to the people in the commercial building since one can only see through it while inside. People passing outside cannot see through the building without straining their eyes. However, it is disadvantageous to people working in offices as they can see what is happening outside. Ideally, every employer wants to have employees who are industrious and are not distracted by what is happening outside the office. Considering that the tinted glass gives a one-way view, you might have challenges with workflow if it is used in office decorations. Without considering this, tinted replacement glass will always make your structure look flashy and classy.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is popular t many property owners because it provides a high level of privacy and security. It can be used to make exterior walls of a building, office partitions and also glass windows and doors, whether you are using the frosted glass type for either of the above elements, it will transform a commercial building to look flashy and elegant. For modern interior and exterior designers, they are more concerned about the thickness of frosting when installing them. You can have a customized frosted glass to attain the level of opacity that you are looking for. If you want a mild opacity, you might have to go for a thinner frosting film. Also, you can have a colored frosting film added to your frosting glass to make your commercial building look attractive.

Colored Glass

In modern construction, there are advanced technologies that are used in the production of glass materials. Colored glass is available in many colors and is often used for decoration purposes of interior of both commercial and residential structures. When they are used for the commercial buildings, they can be installed for the windows, doors or partitions. The use of the colored glass adds some positive mood to the structure which makes it attractive. It is always essential to ensure that you have a colored glass that complements the theme of the commercial building. For instance, if the building is painted yellow, you may consider adding glass that will complement the yellow color. This will not only make the building look flashy but also stand out from the rest within the vicinity. If you are not sure of how to get colored glasses for decoration, you can check if a glass and mirror company. They offer affordable and high-quality glasses of all types.

Patterned Glass

Having patterns on the glass is a common practice among glass manufacturers. Different patterns may be put on the glass using special technology. Usually, the patterns are added to the glass when it is still in the molten state. The pattern then dries on the glass making it attractive. When you are looking forward to buying a replacement glass for a commercial building, one should consider the patterned glass. They can be customized for specific commercial buildings if the owner needs to have uniqueness in the long run. You are not limited to the patterns that can be added to the glass. Mostly, commercial building owners can provide their patterns of choice to the manufactures to create them. This will help in ensuring that you get what will make the building stand out. For office partitions, the patterned glass is helpful since it can aid in maintaining privacy for employees. Since one cannot see through a patterned glass, it is difficult to be distracted by what other people I the office or outside are dong. If you have an office, you should consider using the patterned glass as a replacement to the clear type.

Back Painted Glass

Back painted glass is mostly used in commercial buildings to enhance the exterior looks. The back painted glass does not allow people to see through. This way, they might be used in rooms that do not need extreme rightness. For instance, in a commercial media studio, you may want to use back painted glass since it will offer you room to use any lighting that you need. When you do not need natural lighting, this is the glass type that will make it better for you. Buildings also transform to look flashy if a back painted glass is used as a construction and decoration material. Fab Glass and Mirror is a company has a wide variety of back painted glass that can be used as glass replacement. When selecting back painted glass, you should ensure to identify a color that well complements the color theme. This will help you to avoid any form of color clashing which might be unattractive.

Double Paned Glass

A double-paned glass is used to help in the regulation of both heat and sound. Commercial buildings require such glass types to control the heat and save on the costs used for the air conditioning systems. Air conditioners are energy consumers and might not provide you with efficiency in commercial buildings. When you sue the double paned glass for the windows, anyone working within the commercial building will have comfort since the heat is controlled. For instance, during the summer season when there is too much heat, the double paned glass windows help to keep offices in the commercial buildings cool. This also happens during cold seasons. Also, when you have a section of the building with loud noises, you can have the double paned glass installed as a replacement to help in keeping the noise inside. Commercial buildings with double paned glass look flashy and modernized.

What to look at when buying glass replacement


 Quality of the replacement glass that you buy, matters a lot. The quality should be high if you have invested in a glass material that will make a building look flashy. For instance, the glass should not be the type to stain easily or should not catch dirt easy. This will help to raise the value of a commercial building as well as make it attractive in the long run.


How often would you like to go to a glass shop for glass replacement? Nobody likes to spend money on buying things severally. Buying a durable glass material to be used for construction is an idea every property owner should embrace. There are various ways that you can identify the durability of glass. Researching on the best brands can be the best approach to know what to buy for glass replacement. If you are confused about how to check for durability of glass, experts at fab glass and mirror would be willing to help when contacted. They also sell quality and durable glass that will never disappoint you.


Most of the time, commercial buildings require planning when they are being decorated. Working under a tight budget can limit an investor to add high-quality materials to a structure. When buying a glass replacement, always check on the affordability in terms of the initial and maintenance costs. If you cannot afford to maintain a certain glass type, it’s recommended that you should go for alternative types to help you save on costs.

In conclusion, glass replacement should be done immediately; a problem is identified. When you identify a crack, the glass should be replaced quickly to avoid any accidents happening. Thanks to Rosie Baglie for collaborating!


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