Window Care and Maintenance – A Must for Every Home


Why You Need to Clean Your Windows

How well a house is maintained tells a lot about its inhabitants. When you walk past a house with dirty and grimy window panes among other signs of neglect, the likelihood is that you will assume that the house has been abandoned.

If however you know that the house is inhabited, you are not likely to think very highly of its occupants. The general conclusion will be that they are irresponsible folks. This is just a social response to an un-kept environment.

Aside from the negative response from the neighbors and anyone who sees the building, there are other concerns which every homeowner should be aware of.

Longevity of the Window

Did you know that leaving your windows grimy and dusty reduces its lifespan? As all that dust, grime and all sorts of particles accumulate on it, they are absorbed into the pores of the window pane. These then contaminate and then degrade these panes.

First, you will notice scratches and cracks. These will only be the beginning of the end of these panes. Before you know it, you will have to replace them. All these could have been avoided if you had simply ensured the window panes were kept spick and span.

Interior Aesthetic Value

Have you seen how lovely an interior setting can look when natural light is tastefully streaming in from the windows? Now imagine this same scenario but with dirt and grime encrusted window panes. You lose that natural beauty. A simple but efficient cleaning of these panes can do wonders for your home’s interior.

Health Risk

Did you also know that the quality of air you breathe in your home can be contaminated by the dust and grime that has accumulated on your window panes? In fact, one of the substances that can accumulate on your window pane is mold.

According to the CDC, exposure to mold can cause anything from eye irritation, throat irritation, nasal stuffiness, coughing or wheezing, to even skin irritation. By keeping your windows continually clean, you can reduce the risk of exposure to mold in your home.

You can learn more the health risks associated with molds here.

How to Care for Your Windows

So now that we understand how important it is to keep our windows clean, how do we go about doing it right?

As simple as window cleaning may look, there are a few things that can make it a more efficient endeavor. There are two sides to a window and these two sides may demand different approaches. There may be a few more needed to effectively clean an outdoor window than may be needed for an indoor window.

We shall however only cover the very basics required for both indoor and outdoor window cleaning.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Materials

The first important task you will need to consider is your choice of cleaning materials. There are different types of cleaning products you can use for you windows and the choice is totally yours to make. If you are not sure, you can always use water and some dish washing soap. Check out this collection of window-cleaning products that demonstrate the role of having the right equipment and supplies for the chore. Some of the items can be found at home, while the more sophisticated systems are for cleaning businesses. Working with glass entails care and caution, especially when removing spots and stains on the surface.

You should also ensure that the cloth you use for drying the windows after washing them does not leave lint on the window. A good option will be a microfiber cloth. These are not just very absorbent but will also not leave any streaks or lint on your windows.

Choosing the Right Time of the Day

Did you know that not every time of the day is suitable for window cleaning? You must never clean your windows when the sun is shining very brightly. The reason is that with the heat released by the rays of the sun, the cleaning liquid you spray on your window is likely to dry up before you get around to wiping it clean. This leaves streaks and smudges all over your window. Choose a time that is bright but not sunny so the liquid will not dry up before you can clean it.

Vacuuming or Dusting the Sills and Sashes before Cleaning

Before you begin to wash those windows, make sure you dust or vacuum those sills and sashes. You know, dust and other particles settle there so vacuuming those areas, sucks up the dust.

If you do not first take care of this task, once you pour your water or washing liquid, they will run down into these areas, mix with the dust and form muddy puddles. Apart from being unsightly, they can also interfere with the smooth functioning of your window after some time.

Reasons Why You Need a Professional Window Cleaner

The guide we provided above is by no means an exhaustive guide of all that you require to effectively wash and care for your windows. Considering that there are different types of windows with different cleaning needs, the surest way of ensuring you get the best cleaning done is by hiring professional window cleaners.

Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring a professional window cleaner:

They Have the Right Tools

Having the right tools for any job is practically half the job. Professional window cleaners have the right tools to handle any kind of window cleaning. You can see an example of professional window cleaners here: Some windows can be very high which requires special gears. This is not something you are likely to possess. With a professional cleaner, this is no problem.

They Know what Products to Use

Some folks do not know that certain types of windows cannot be washed with certain products. Some windows are treated to be ultra-violet ray proof. If you do not know the right product to use, you can degrade this treatment that you spent a lot of money to get.

You may also have stained glasses or any other type of special windows. Professional window cleaners know exactly what to use and what not to use for any type of windows. This not only ensures your windows are clean, but also that your investments are secure.

DIY may not always be your best option when it comes to your window cleaning. Thanks to Rona Carcido for consulting with me!


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