The Best Reviews of Top Rated Tankless Electric Water Heaters


 Water heaters literally save your life during the cold winter months. They provide 24/7 supply of hot water while consuming minimal amount of electricity ensuring that your bills stay down. They are also more portable and take up less space compared to regular water heaters. But finding the best tankless water heater for the money isn’t exactly easy. There are a lot of factors to consider, and for someone who knows little or nothing about choosing the right one, you might end up picking an ineffective or less economical choice.

Every manufacturer will tout their product as the best on the market and try to woo you with qualities and specifications. Even with great specs, how effective your tankless water heater will depend to a large extent on other factors. These includes:

Top Rated Tankless Electric Water Heaters

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The temperature rises in your area: a tankless water heater can sense the temperature of incoming water and heat the water to match its thermostat settings. Since water temperature is known to vary from one region to the other, you have to put it into consideration in choosing your heater depending on the severity of winter in your area.

Flow rate: your flow rate is a measure of how much water your household consumes. You must ensure that the flow capacity of the tankless unit you are buying (measured in gallons per minutes) matches your daily consumption if you get the best results from the unit.

Generally, the temperature of your incoming water and the size of your household are the two most paramount factors when choosing a tankless water heater. However, you should also look at other points such as energy factor, flow control, condensing technology, and microprocessing technology and so on.

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Based on these factors and more, here is a review of some of the top-rated tankless water heater you can buy.

Rheem RTEX 13 Electric Tankless Water Heater

Asides coming at an affordable price, one of the most standout features of this tankless water heater is its flow rate. It has a 4 gallons per minute flow rate which makes it effective for heating water for your shower and in a low rated kitchen tap as well. At the same time, it manages to maintain its portability with a compact dimension of 9 x 4 x 13’’.

This heater makes use of electricity which makes it usable in confined spaces since you don’t have to worry about gas pipes and ventilation. All of these features make this heater an ideal choice for small households with little space to spare.

This heater also comes with a digital thermostat for easy temperature regulation giving you total control over how hot your water gets. However, if you are looking for a tankless water heater that will serve a very large household, the Rheem RTX 13 might not be a great choice considering its flowrate and compact size.

Top Rated Tankless Electric Water Heaters

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Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus 24 kW

What many users of this tankless water heater like most about the Stiebel Eltron is the fact that it comes with high-quality electronic parts and includes a reliable casing which allows it to operate without vibrating thus making it one of the quietest tankless water heaters you will find around.

But this isn’t the only unique feature of this heater. You will probably like the fact that it is inbuilt with an Advanced Flow Control Technology as well. What this means is that even at a high flow rate, this water heater can maintain its temperature at a constant rate. Combine this with a sleek design and self-modulating technology which allows it to modify itself for minimal energy intake, and you have one of the best products you can get for the money.

Top Rated Tankless Electric Water Heaters

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Rinnai RUC98iN Ultra Series, Concentric/Twin Pipe Installation

Heat flow of 9.8GPM means this water heater is equipped to effectively heat enough water for multiple showers and faucet conveniently which makes it a great purchase especially if you have a large household. Tankless water heaters are known to be quite energy efficient and economical, but the gas-powered varieties are known to be even more economical to use with a natural gas intake varying between 15,200 to 199,000BTU. This water heater has an efficiency rating of 0.95. At this value, you can rest assured of minimal adverse effects on the environment. You also don’t have to worry so much about venting which is another big issue with gas water heaters. This heater comes with a concentric PVC and Twin pipe venting options. This tankless water heater is a great choice especially for big homes with high water consumption. But this comes at the cost of bulkiness and a high price.

Top Rated Tankless Electric Water Heaters

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 Ecosmart ECO 27 Tankless Water Heater

Ecosmart is one of the most popular brands when it comes to tankless water heaters. Water temperature plays a huge role in determining how effective your water heater is, but if you are looking for a heater that can work under very cold conditions or otherwise, then the ECO-27 is a great choice. Even when the temperature drops as low as 370F you can still rest assured of a flow rate of about 3GPM and even more as the temperature rises

It is also one of the most cost-efficient heaters you can get thanks to its self-modulating technology ensuring minimal energy usage. ECO 27 is quite durable quite durable ensuring long-term usage. It is quite easy to install and has a digital temperature control that allows you to regulate its temperature as you desire. 

Top Rated Tankless Electric Water Heaters

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Eccotemp FVI-12-LP Propane Tankless Water Heater

The Eccotemp propane water heater is shockingly lightweight. It is one of the lightest in the market with a weight of about 20lbs and a dimension of 2×15×24”. Despite its compact size and lightweight, one would expect the Eccotem FVI-12 to have a low flow rate. But a 3.4GPM makes it suitable for a small sized household at minimal water consumption.

It is also energy efficient drawing just 2W when idle and 110W when working at full capacity. It is easy to install even for a non-professional since all its inlet and outlet pipes are labeled. It comes with two mechanical switches and an LCD for temperature control. However, despite its small size, this heater cannot be used in a confined space which is a major downside. Other than this, this heater is a great purchase that guarantees maximum value for your money.

These are some of the best tankless water heaters on the market. There are a lot of other brands you can explore as well, but this suffices as a general guide to choosing the best choice depending on the size of your household. Thanks to for collaborating



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