Ingenious Ways to Remodel your Home in 2019


Renovating your home involves some level of creativity, clever use of space and lighting. Here are some great renovation ideas you might want to try in 2019.

Remodeling ideas 2019

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First Impressions

People see your door even they enter your house. Why not give them a memorable first impression? If your door looks old and worn out, you need to repaint it.

Since doors impact on your rooms lighting, try using a lighter shade of the same color you use in your house. When too much of one color is used in a house, it can end up overpowering the space. So try using different shades.

You can also choose to replace your old door with a new one.

remodeling trends 2019


Get a Stylish Stair Runner

While you are working on your fist impression, it would be a great idea to update those shabby treads with a stylish stair runner.

Stairs are often the first thing that people see when they enter your home so revamping their looks would be a great idea.

Don’t be shy about using color. Make a big statement with a stripped runner or a bold colored one. This project is a cheap way of transforming a boring hallway into a great introduction to your home.

Remodeling ideas for 2019

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Create the Illusion of Space

You can give your small rooms the illusion of space. An easy way of achieving this effect is to use mirrors. They are relatively cheap, yet they give a beautiful appeal to your rooms while also making them look larger. Refresh your outdoor spaces with Kitchen Home decking paint.

Remodeling trends 2019

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Create an Instant Lawn

An ultra-realistic artificial lawn is an excellent way of adding more green to your outdoor space. With this instant lawn, you don’t have to worry about mowing or hiring landscaping services. All you need to do is vacuum it.

Unlike a real lawn, it will not wither and yellow with the sun so it will always look aesthetically pleasing.

remodeling ideas 2019

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Reinstate your Fireplace

A fireplace forms an excellent focal point for a room. Unfortunately, most of them were ripped out by their 70’s and 80’s home owners. So, if you have a bare chimney breast in your house, why remodel it into a chimney?

There are numerous cast iron models available at reasonable prices, so you can easily bring back the character that has been missing from your home without spending a fortune.

2019 Remodeling inspiration

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Build Some Shelves

You can never have enough storage space, so, make the most of your space with bespoke shelving. You can even have it fitted in whatever size and style you like.

It would be even better to have the shelves tailor made so their contents fit perfectly. It will also transform your room into a super-efficient library system.


It is not just your door that can benefit from a new coat of paint. Other areas of your home such as your kitchen cabinets and bathrooms could probably use the transformation that comes with fresh painting.

Take care not to get carried away though. It is not uncommon for home owners to get ahead of themselves and commence a project that is either too big for them of way out of their budget. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by taking time to plan way before you begin working on any renovation idea.

Make your Kitchen Look Expensive by Adding Architectural Details

Using pretty and higher quality trims can do wonders for your average looking kitchen. With just a few inexpensive tweaks, such as adding a crown molding, window and door casting and baseboards can make your kitchen space appear way more expensive than it actually is.

If you are not very skilled in the do it yourself department, you might want to skip this renovation tip. Alternatively, you can hire a professional to do the fixing for you at a price.

remodeling inspiration 2019
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Create a Stunning Backsplash

Backsplash in luxury kitchens will extend from the counter to underneath the wall cabinets and even go around the sink window on the other wall.

Custom kitchens on the other hand ordinarily feature monochromatic or custom made backsplash made from glass, wood, or tile.

You can make your kitchen look more luxurious by mounting smaller patterned tiles on a twelve-inch mesh to make them much easier to install. You can also use mixed tile shapes such as dots and lines to create an element of originality.

While you are installing the backsplash, ensure you are using tiles of the same thickness. You should also remember to adjust the height of all borders so it is not interrupted by outlets or witches. Keep an eye out for rough and textured surfaces as they can be very challenging to clean behind a cooking area.

Install Smart Security Devices

A renovation period is the best time to integrate a few smart devices especially those that enhance the security of your home. there are numerous home security companies you can choose to buy from. Websites such as porch have numerous reviews that can help you decide which home security companies would serve you best.

Some of smart devices you can install include motion sensors that will let you know when the installation guy enters a room they are not supposed to and surveillance cameras that let you see exactly what is happening in your home.

Some of the top home security companies include scout, brinks home security, ADT, Frontpoint and SimpliSafe.

remodeling ideas 2019

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Final word

So, what clever home remodeling tips are you planning on undertaking? Will you get that chimney back? Or perhaps increase your storage space? Well, whatever renovation project you choose, we hope you won’t forget to shop around for a reputable home security company to help you revamp your homes security and finally get the peace of mind you deserve. Thanks to Porch for collaborating on this post.


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