Trying to Keep Pests from Becoming Pets


We sort of anticipate that a bug or two will crawl or land on us when we are outdoors. But if we’re are relaxing at home and spot a roach crawl across the counter or flies swarm around our light fixtures, it’s safe to say we start to get upset.

As homeowners, we can’t fool ourselves into believing a bug problem can be solved with a single solution or ordinary routines. Entomologists will tell you no matter how clean your home is or how well the pest control company cleared away last year’s infestation, certain bugs will eventually make their way back inside.

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How Did That Get In Here?

How do our local pests and insects enter our home and how can we lessen their entryway? There are several avenues that these clever little pests can enter, often unaware.

Believe it or not, insects can hitch a ride on our clothing or our grocery bags. Rodents can enter our home from boxes of products that we ordered through a delivery service or something we purchased from our local retail stores.

A natural environmental change that inspires insects and rodents to try and enter our home is Mother Nature. Weather changes affect the instinct of pests to try and find warmth or coolness, food, and other nesting locations.

Our homes or crawl spaces offer all three enviable environments for pests of all types. Seasonal changes are a very common factor for pests to seek shelter from temperatures that do not agree with them.

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Keep Your Home Pest Free

Many pests like insects and spiders like dark, quiet areas away from people. If your home has a pile of twigs, leaves, high grass or weeds on the outside, this is perfect for pests to call home and possibly find a way into your home through cracks, tiny holes, etc.

Keep the border around your home free from an environment that is very inviting to pests. Also, check for little openings around your windows and doors. Use caulk to seal any ant size holes near windows, doors, and walls.

Caulking around appliance pipes is also a good idea especially when there are leaks or repairs around washers and dryers that need to be made to keep them operational.

Opening windows to let some fresh air into our homes is a natural seasonal action. Do you have a screened-in window? If so, check for small holes that flying or crawling insects can enter through.

There are screen repair kits in home improvement stores. Investing in their use helps a great deal and you can continue to open your windows.

If you keep your trash container close to the house, make sure that you keep a lid on it. First, however, we should always line our trash cans. When we place discarded food and other trash inside our outdoor trash cans, tightly close the liner. The same holds true for indoor trash containers.

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Impact of Infestations

Certain insects like ants, fleas,  flies, and mosquitoes can spread illness in humans. During the middle ages, the bubonic plague swept through much of Europe and parts of Africa, killing millions in the process. Centuries later, research would conclude fleas were the primary transmitter of the disease. In recent years, the Zika virus has been making headlines as a disease spread in part by mosquitoes. Such cases demonstrate the potential for great danger in the event a disease is easily spread by pests.

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Using Pest Control Companies

Pest control specialists are the best defenders of our homes. They use specialized treatment formulas that are friendly to humans but not to any pests that are in our homes, apartments, offices, etc.

Prevention is the best medicine. Prevention is the ideal method for keeping rodents and invading pests from our homes. Pest control companies are specialists in rodent protection, termite inspections, and many other pest services.

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Licensed pest control companies are available to schedule monthly, quarterly, or annual visits to help keep your property under invading surveillance. They offer different packages to combat invaders or they will customize a plan for your security and comfort.

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