Luxe Home Offices vs. Modest Home Offices


Happy Friday everyone!  Today I bring you the battle of the home office.  In one corner we have super luxe home offices, in the other, modest home offices. Alright, I know this is silly.  What it comes down to is that I’ve compiled a great collection of home offices, some fancy, some simple, and I wanted to share them with you!

Luxe Home Offices

When I envision my future self (this is after we’ve moved from our starter home), my home office isn’t necessarily opulent, but has a lot of windows, and I have a large desk with plenty of surface space.

luxe home office

Super chic and not gaudy

via DecoHomes

Yup. The moving glass wall, amazing cabinets would all work just fine!

via DecorPad

luxe home office
via HGTV

Modest Home Office

When it comes down to it, if you work from home, like I do, you might want to invest a bit more and go for a luxe home office, comfy seating, you perfect desk, and plenty of storage.  If you only need a space to work on occasion, you can go modest.

modest home office

This is actually the home office of one of the big wigs at J. Crew.  Even though it is modest, it is still really lovely.

via Dering Hall

Inspiring home offices

2 above via Heart Home Magazine


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