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Chic scratching post giveaway

Yay! It’s giveaway time and I’m so happy to offer our first giveaway of 2018.  This one is brought to you by Tuft + Paw. I think that you cat-lovers out there will be blown away by their gorgeous (and eco-conscious!) products.  There mission reads as:

Our mission is to provide beautiful, well made furniture for housecats that also serves the homeless and foster cat community.

Check out their story page to read more about how the company came to be, their commitment to sustainability, compassion, and Donate-a-Bed program.

Now, on to the awesome prize! Fill out the form below for a chance to win Tuft + Paw’s best-selling Lato Horizontal scratching post. The post has been featured in multiple cat publications. It features support legs made of solid birch (certified-sustainable,) and a sisal-wrapped core of organic catnip! You can read more about Lato here.

chic scratching post

To enter

Leave a comment below letting us know what other Tuft + Paw product you think your kitty would like. Explore the website to check out all of the cool stuff. To leave a comment scroll down aaaaallll the way to the bottom of the page, past the weird ads.  (I know, I know, but my bills don’t pay themselves…) If you don’t see your comment right away, don’t worry.  I will approve comments as I get notifications and then they will show up. After leaving a comment click scroll back up and click the dropdown that says “Leave a comment, ” and then click “I commented”.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The contest ends on March 22 at 12 AM EST.  Sorry, the contest is only open to U.S. residents! The winner will be notified via a post on March 22 and email.  Contact us if you have any questions!

Here are some of my other favorite Tuft + Paw products.

Gatto Basket

Gatto Basket

Deauville Cat House

Deauville Cat House

Piuma Cat Toy

Piuma Cat Toy


  1. My three furbabies are always checking out new things I bring into my home, some of them are for them but some are for me and my fiancee. So, I would love to try anything out kitty related………….they are great testes I know with in a couple of days and sometimes hours if they are going to like a new toy, climbing tower, bed, or scratching posts.

  2. I love tuft and paw’s style and mission. The volto is a stlyish alternative to a scratching post and the cottage is great alternative to the standard cardboard box with a cat pad in it (which my cat is currently in right now).

  3. All are great, but really love the cat house!! Beautiful!!

    I’m taking care of 14 cats now and they are great testers!! They would love anything!


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