Organizing small spaces


Small space organizing tips

My plans to completely organize my home, nay, my entire property from top to bottom this year is still in the works, just going much slower than I hoped.  I’m blaming it on my 4 month old and 2 year old son.  And my day job.  Once thing I am doing to try to continue to keep the ball rolling is researching ideas.  Below are some great ideas I found:

small space organizing

How amazing is this craft station?  Created from what looks like two ikea shelves.


small space organizing

How GORGEOUS is this pantry??  Unfortunately I only have a lazy susan cabinet as a pantry – but this is definitely what I would strive for in a pantry.

via The Container Store

small space organizing

Under the sink is usually a lot of wasted organization opportunity, bus this shelving system really makes the most of it.

via Pinterest

small space organizing

via ?

small space organizing

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