Beautiful Beds


A well-made bed

Since having our second son Beau in October, and with an active 2.5 year-old, I don’t get to see my bed very often.  Ohhhhh how I miss it.  Maybe it’s some odd form of self-torture to be perusing the internet for pictures of beautiful beds, but that’s how I’m operating these days.  Enjoy!

beautiful beds

I tend to go for beds that are a mix of crisp and tailored but also cozy and layered.  I don’t like a bed that’s too “shabby chic” or one that looks like the sheets will crackle when I get in them.

beautiful beds

A lot of people might like this trend of losing the top sheet.  My husband and I tried it, but we weren’t fans.  It meant I was left with nothing when my husband stole the duvet from me in the middle of the night.

beautiful beds

My recipe for a well-made bed:

  1. Fitted sheet
  2. Flat sheet
  3. Middle blanket (unless we are using our down comforter, in which case a middle blanket would make the bed too warm.
  4. Quilt or coverlet (the focal point of your bed unless you have a show-stopping headboard – Maharaja headboard from Wisteria anyone?).
  5. Throw at the foot of the bed incase your bed fellow manages to steal the sheet, middle blanket, and quilt.
  6. Pillows – I waiver on one pillow, two pillows, or a neck pillow.

beautiful beds

Not crazy about the bedskirt and I couldn’t sleep on those pillows, but still a very pretty bed!

beautiful beds

This bed looks so welcoming to me.  I’m not usually super into monogramming, but I like it here.  It brings in the accent color where otherwise the bed might look too stark.

beautiful beds

This bed with linen sheets looks divine too.

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