10 Decorating Tips for the Perfect Man Cave


When it comes to creating the perfect man cave, the possibilities are endless. This room should be the ultimate place to gather with your buddies and have some fun. From where to lounge to what types of entertainment you should embrace, we’ll help you narrow down the most impressive man cave furnishings.

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  1. The Ultimate Man Throne

One of the cardinal rules of man caves is that they must be comfortable. By comfortable, we mean jam packed with super plush and sprawl-bean bag chairs, hammocks, armchairs, and sofas. There should be ample enough seating for all potential guests. Whether you’re thinking conventional or outlandish, every man needs a throne.

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  1. Refridgeration

No man cave is complete if the occupants much leave to acquire basic goods. In fact, staples such as snack foods and cold beverages should always be stocked and ready for consumption. Whether you’re into stackable fridges that can accommodate a group of roommates or a full sized refrigerator, you might as well throw in a microwave while you’re at it.

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  1. Pinball Machine

If you’re looking to impress your friends with a one of a kind piece of entertainment, a pinball machine cannot be beaten. Bring home part of the arcade with this retro contraption. From the flashing lights, the clink of the propelled ball, and pop culture themes, pinball machines can transport you back to your childhood and maintain a lively rivalry for the highest score.

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  1. Projector

An inexpensive projector can transform your man cave into a mini movie theater. These handy devices can be connected to a computer or DVD player to play any of your favorite movies or shows. Throw a bag of extra buttery popcorn in the microwave and enjoy!

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  1. Framed Photos

A great way to dress up blank walls is a series of photographs. Keep things tidy with black frames and B&W images of your favorite athletes, movie stills, or places. While low maintenance, a basic frame is far more sophisticated than crumbled dorm room posters.

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  1. Minibar

If you want your man cave to radiate visions of James Bond, a minibar will do the trick. Stock it with rugged spirits, such as whiskey and rum. Include a few tumblers and the basic elements and tools for cocktails. Man caves don’t need reek of cheap beer. Sit back and unwind like royalty.

man cave

  1. Billiards Table

Add this element to your man cave and your friendship circle will grow exponentially. While sitting back and catching a flick can be fun, nothing beats throwing down for a classic game of pool with buddies. Even if you’re not a skilled player, these pieces have the ability to transform a room from bland to regal. Add a score board and a wall mounted cue stick rack and you’re in business!

  1. Stylish Backdrop

If you don’t feel like hanging art, a textured or patterned accent wall can revive the most hopeless basement. From stone facades to heightening stripes, pick a design that works well with the theme of the room. Oftentimes, the accent wall serves as a great place to mount a flat screen or display some team memorabilia. You could also consider signs for an industrial look, or neon signs for a lounge vibe. Click here for some cool ideas for signs.

  1. Boxing Bag

Sometimes the man cave is the ideal place to blow off steam. One way or another, we’ve got no doubt that a boxing bag would take its fair share of blows if it were installed in a man cave. At least you’ll finally have the right prop for that remarkable Rocky impression you’ve been working on.

  1. Sound System

Whether you’re blasting your favorite album or just looking for the optimal effect of the new Batman movie, a good sound system is a great investment for any man cave. Crank up the volume and tune out the world with this handy investment.

A man cave is a room designated for the man of the house. A place where he can set aside his worries and indulge in a few of his favorite things. Every man cave should be equipt with basic provisions and ample, time-wasting entertainment. Whether you’re going to pull out all the stops and invest in a billiards table or impress your friends with a vintage pinball machine, we hope your man cave is the envy of all your friends!

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