Closet organizing inspiration!


I have 3 closets in my small apartment, which is great. The problem is that Chris and I have way more than three closets worth of stuff. So, I’ve been scouting out some good ideas to maximize that space. Here’s what I’ve found:

I don’t know who only has 15 items hanging in the closet, but there are some good ideas here. Install two bars one underneath the other to maximize vertical space while providing double the space for shirts, shorts, and skirts.  I am also soooo coveting shoe cubbies.  I don’t know if they’re in my immediate future because of my budget…

It’s smart to combine a few different storage options in your closet: drawers, cabinets, wall hooks, and shelving.

I’ve yet to find a belt or scarf hanger that does the job, I always go for hooks like these hanging beside my clothes rack or a full length mirror.

awesome utility closet – I need to find hooks like that to hang my mops and brooms…

Stunning – and check out how the curtains can go all the way around the room!

I have been looking for an over the door rack like this for so long!  You can find it here – Chef’s

pegboard on the inside of a door is a great organization tool if you have no wall space! You could do this in the bathroom and store cosmetics and other beauty tools

Oh my goodness… heaven’s pantry…this is great to aspire to…and I do have glass canisters in mine like they show here.  I cut out the label on the packaging and tape it to the inside of the canister if it’s something that might not be easily recognizable – but all those little canisters and tins?   Have any of you done this with your pantry?

via BHG

Hopefully I’ve inspired you to maybe do a little closet makeover this weekend!  Does anyone have some closet organizing secrets to share with us?

Have a great weekend!


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