Timeless kitchens


Timeless Kitchens design

We spend so much time in the kitchen, especially with little ones I’ve discovered.  For me it’s become more important than ever that my kitchen has a timeless appeal and design, because with kids and trying to work from home, we won’t be having time to do any renovations should we decide a trend wasn’t for us!

A dramatic pendant over the sink.
via BHG

A wall mounted monitor – most of my recipes are from the computer, and I don’t like to waste ink or paper printing out a recipe that I may not like.

Open shelves aren’t for me, but otherwise this kitchen is a dream…
2 above via House Beautiful

The gray brick is really beautiful, but I wouldn’t want the stainless steel counters.
via Interiors Porn

The three below are all from the same kitchen.  I think I’m definitely going to go with white cabinets.  I also love the marble countertops, but that won’t be in our budget for a long, long time.

The hood is really cool

Love those stools too, and the pendant lights

3 above via House Beautiful


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