Hide a TV: Decorating ideas for hiding your TV


Hide a TV

As long as there are TVs, and as long as there are people who care about design and decor, there will be ideas for how to hide a TV that are beautiful and functional.  These ideas span the gamut from repurposed furniture, tv lift systems, removable artwork, sliding panels, etc.  Below are several ideas in action, so you can decide what method will work best for your lifestyle, aesthetic, and budget.

Repurposed Furniture

Gone are the days of monstrous tube TVs that require an equally monstrous armoire to house it.  Now that TVs are thinner than a book, your options for finding an armoire or cabinet that will house it and fit in your room increase greatly.  Obviously the piece of furniture you choose will have to be wide enough for your TV, but you could even use a beautiful antique (just make sure you have a way to plug it in!)

hide a tv

There might not be a more historic way to hide a TV than this absolutely stunning cabinet and desk!

via Apartment Therapy

TV Lift Systems

TV Lift Systems might be your most functionally effective and well-designed way to hide your TV.  They are designed for TVs, so you don’t have to worry about cord management or proper space for the TV, and luckily, TV lift cabinets come in every decor style so no matter if your home is rustic, modern, or traditional, you can find a TV lift cabinet that matches your decor.

hide a TV

A mid-century modern cabinet

hide a TV

A rustic cabinet

Cabinets above via www.tvliftcabinet.com

Sliding Panels or Artwork

If you decide you want to wall mount your TV and not use a piece of furniture, you should look into sliding panels or doors, or sliding/removable artwork.  I’ve featured two examples for you below, but you can find tons of examples in a google search.

hide a TV

If you love to DIY, installing artwork on a track that allows it to slide to cover or reveal your TV will be a fun and gratifying project.  A google search will provide you with many tutorials.

via Pinterest

hide a TV

Feeling really crafty?  Installing barn doors is a stunning way to hide a TV and some extra storage space to boot.

Do you have a way of hiding your TV?  What’s your favorite way?

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