Taking ombre to the next level!


Ombre has been a major must do when it comes to hair this past year and even though it’s slowly fading away I am seeing it pop up in places I wouldn’t expect.

It wasn’t too long after the hair craze, that diy ombre cabinets started popping up all over the place.
Followed by ombre curtains and other home decor.
Ombre wall... stunning! I think I need one. Ombre is becoming big in 2013 in clothes nails,hair and even walls
via elv-s
But something much bolder and much newer caught my eye. Ombre walls!?
Could you picture a room in your home with ombre walls?
Pink Ombre wall using Resene paints, featured in the August issue of Your Home and Garden magazine. Photography by Melanie Jenkins, styling by Emily Somerville-Ryan.
via resene
Would you do it?
I’m curious to see what you think!


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