Tips for Choosing the Best Patio Doors for Your Space


Patio Doors

Amazing patio doors can have the ability to create a focal point in your room that truly makes the space.  Also, as any of you who follow Decorology know, nothing can really beat or replace natural light – which a patio door can provide in abundance.  A great patio door can provide both amazing style, and give you the best design element of all – beautiful light!  That being said, there are many options these days when selecting patio doors, so you want put careful consideration into your selection so it fits your lifestyle, decor, and personal aesthetic.  I’ve compiled some tips to spice up your patio doors below from a design standpoint.

Consider your home’s aesthetics when choosing material.

Whether you want your patio door to blend in or serve as a fun accent, the doors material and finish is going to affect your home’s look. For example, if your home is wood shingle, don’t select a vinyl door – select one in a complementary wood frame or other high-end material.   One thing I love about high quality manufacturers like Milgard, for example, is the array of materials one can choose from.  If you love the warmth that only real wood and solid wood grain provides, you’ll love their Essence Series® patio doors.  They may require a bit more maintenance on the inside, over time, but you can also paint and stain them to your tastes or your decor. They even have a fiberglass exterior for exceptional durability. If you want a sleek modern look, consider fiberglass, aluminum or vinyl frames that can provide an almost seamless view of your yard.
patio doors

patio doors

How do you want the door to connect to your outdoor living space?

A wider door, besides literally providing you with greater access to your outdoor space, is also going to provide you with the feeling of having a greater connection with the world outside your home.  If you live on a serene lakefront, this could be a welcome connection, if you live closer to a road, busy pedestrian area, or nosy neighbors, you might want to go with a narrower door so you and your family won’t feel too exposed.

patio doors

Glass type means more than just energy efficiency

Believe it or not – certain glass types not only lower your energy bills, put also help prevent your wood floors and upholstery from UV damage!  Patio doors are also available in an array of privacy finishes and styles based on your taste. I personally don’t care for glass that has a pebbled effect or anything like that, but I DO care about my oriental rugs fading!

patio doors

Consider your furniture arrangement

This may seem obvious, but keep in mind that French doors and swinging doors require space to open.  If you have a more compact living space, you will need to find a panel door or sliding door. If you have a roomy wide-open concept arrangement, you can use French doors or even an entire accordion glass wall!

patio doors

In closing, your patio door shouldn’t be an impulse decision.  A quality door will provide years of reliable and beautiful access to your outdoor space, and fantastic natural light in your interior.  Take time to select a finish, style, and glass type that provides the aesthetic complement to your interior and exterior that you will be happy with for the lifespan of the door.

disclosure: this post in sponsorship with Milgard


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