Perfectly polished transitional interiors


Traditional interiors with modern appeal

Since earlier in the week we shared some bohemian design inspiration, I thought we’d contrast that with sharing inspiration from my favorite style, transitional. What I love so much about transitional interiors is the focus on line – usually clean elegant lines that aren’t busy or ornate. I also NEED a clutter-free space, and transitional interiors are always well curated and clutter-free.

Transitional interiors can be warm and inviting through the use of meaningful objects or art and photographs.

via HGTV

Transitional interiors don’t have to be all white, I just happen to be drawn to ones that are.  I’m also a fan of a pop of color like these accent pillows.

via Chango & Co

A great transitional interiors is adorned with objects that have meaning to the occupant or are functional.
via Chango & Co

I like the emphasis on quality materials over quantity of stuff. Everything was created and selected with care.
via Chango & Co

This space is a little mid century mod but I think it could also go transitional.  I love the mix of textures and simple patterns. It’s elegant but doesn’t take itself too seriously.
via Domino

You don’t have to hide your possessions – group collections together, like books or architectural prints, ceramics, etc.

via Lonny


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