A home full of charm, beautiful details, and built-ins!


I love our home, but if I lived in this one I’d be pinching myself every morning to make sure I wasn’t still in a dream.  This is the Willow House by  Kate Marker Interiors.. It’s so serene and everything is top-quality craftsmanship.  It’s also full of built-ins and clever storage solutions.  I’ve filled our closets with adjustable wire shelving, but it’s just not the same as having built-ins.  Of course, the color palette is just right too.  White and soft hues on the walls with pops of color to breathe life into the space.

I really encourage you to click on these images to see them full size so you don’t miss out on how beautiful the furnishings and details are.

The house has modest, but great bones, which really lends itself to built-ins.

The neutral walls allow beautiful furniture like this amazing table to shine.

WWWAAAAYYYYY nicer than our laundry room.  Maybe laundry wouldn’t be so bad then.  My sweet hubby did build me a barn door similar to that one though, which I plan to share soon.

Treat a small space just like you would a large one and people seem to not notice how small it is as much.  Even in a small bedroom, I never put the bed against the wall.

The dormer windows still allow a decent amount of light in this room.

Love this piece.  Since most of the furniture is in more neutral colors, this cupboard in inky blue doesn’t add to the visual business of the space.

Holy built-ins.

A kitchen desk in something I really want in our next house.

See the entire home here.
All images via Kate Marker Interiors.


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