Cozy Cottages: Light or Dark?


Cozy Cottages

Just the word cottages makes one think of being curled up by the fire with a great book, or of lazy mornings at the beach front.  How do you prefer your cozy cottages – in light or dark?  Beach breeze coming through an open window or thick wool blankets and crackling bacon?

Light Cottages

Light cottages often feature rustic charms like white walls, often shiplap, and bare time-worn floors. Window treatments are kept to a minimal to let as much light in as possible.

cozy cottages cozy cottages cozy cottages

Nothing in a cottage like this screams “new.”  Woods have an aged patina and everything is full of character and charm.

cozy cottages

images above via Southern Living

Dark Cottages

Snow and wind outside your door?  If you are in a dark cottage that won’t bother you.  Layers of warmth in the means of blankets, deep cushioned armchairs, and firelight abound.

cozy cottages

In dark cottages walls are usually painted in moody blues or grays.

cozy cottages

Lots of wood tones.

cozy cottages

Heavier upholstery and textiles are also a mainstay of dark cottages.

images above via Apartment Therapy

cozy cottages

image above via Tumblr

So – which way do you lean?  Light cottage or dark cottage?

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  1. Light, every time. I love those top pictures. I live in a granite French farmhouse, built about 1500AD, and it’s like a cave – tiny windows, walls 2ft thick, heavy oak beams. Over the years, I’ve painted everything white that I possibly can and installed spotlights on the beams to wash light down from the ceiling. I went for a coastal, Brittany feel with cream cotton curtains, rope tiebacks and touches of turquoise. It’s made a huge difference. With our low light levels in winter, we need all the help we can get – I’m not a big fan of gloom, even though the pix above are lovely.


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