Handcrafted furniture – beauty, quality, and history


One of my favorite local artists is furniture maker Scott Alan Ewine. I was lucky enough to find him years ago when I was looking for a handmade, live edge coffee table.  He’s still busy in his Frederick, MD studio making gorgeous tables from locally-sourced wood.  Check out his latest masterpiece below.

Isn’t this white oak table gorgeous?  Another great aspect of his work it that he knows the story behind the wood that he uses.

About the table

This large white oak tree, almost 200 years old, had to come down as part of the new overpass being built on US 15 on the north side of Frederick.  The tree was taken down in July 2015 and has since been cut into slabs and kiln dried and has yielded over 30 nice slabs up to 40″ wide and over 11″ long.  I have started working through the stack and have made some large dining tables with turquoise inlaid in the natural voids in the wood.

You can see more of Scott Alan Ewine’s work, as well as contact him, on his website.


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