Not to miss house tour for mid-century modern fans


I am a big fan of mid-century modern furnishings and interiors, except when it’s done in a cutesy, trendy way. I think this home is a beautiful example of mid-century modern as the furniture is restored or reupholstered with contemporary fabrics, and integrated into the home amongst contemporary accessories – lamps, artwork, textiles, etc.

Fabulous table and chairs – and what do you think of the lamp being on the table?

The chair is mid-century modern but the upholstery is now, keeping it from being cutesy.

Another great set of table and chairs. I love this room, it looks like such a peaceful place to have breakfast.

In the top left corner of this picture you’ll notice a photo overlay and in the scene you can see this console. It still looks great arranged with salon-style artwork and a modern rug.

What do you think?

via Rue Magazine


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