Gorgeous home offices


Working from home, it is VITAL to like your work space. It can’t have too many distractions and must a comfortable place to sit for long periods of time.

Here are a few yummy home offices I really like:

A nice space for a seamstress. I can’t wait until I have the space for my sewing machine to live permanently. Now I always have to take it out and put it away when I use it.
via Martha Stewart

Love the cubby shelves
via Lyrical Journey via Emily A. Clark

All of the little shelves in this desk are great for stationery enthusiasts
via Real Simple

I ADORE this home office – a desk with generous surface area, and inspiration pinned all around

Cut down on the amount of holes you poke in the wall by just running some string and clipping inspiration to the string
3 images above via Rue Magazine

Such a clever idea – chicken wire is stretched in an empty frame and used as an inspiration board!
via Scandinavian Chic

What office set up makes you most productive?


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