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Small Spaces

Small spaces can pose a lot of challenges. You don’t have to give up great decor just because you live small! These tiny homes (mostly camper, rvs, and caravans) prove you can live stylishly, conveniently, and efficiently!

On old school bus turned super awesome RV...unfortunately for it to save you any money you'd HAVE to convert it to bio-diesel.
Sometimes the most difficult small spaces are the most exciting to decorate. It can be a challenge but you will be forced to come up with more creative ideas.

Yes, this is a French Caravan…
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I remember some of our best family trips were when we were crammed in a small space together. It’s amazing what living simply can do for a relationship.
tiny house, tiny house interior without a loft  This is a cute nook space for reading a book and drinking some coffee, and eationg a small brunch. I can see myseld now....
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I would love to have the opportunity to design and decorate my own little home on wheels!

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What would you put in your home on wheels?


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