Colorful Decor: Your home will thank you


Colorful Decor

It’s officially summer! I thought I’d seek out some color and light and some examples of what color can really do for your home. This is great for those who love white walls, live in rental that you can’t paint, hate to paint, or just have a love for accessories and changing them up. Sometimes a blank white canvas of room is a little intimidating and you might even not know where to start. Bringing in simple neutral furniture is a great start so that it can grow with you while you figure out what you really want in your space. Then, observe what colors you are consistently drawn to, and seek out colorful decor and small home goods in those hues. Pillows, lamps, and vases are a great way to start.


Colors change with season and what’s in style which goes the same with patterns. Instead of repainting all the time, try adding a little touch of color with some accessories and home decor around the house. This can give you that feel of color and texture that you might be looking for.

The great news with using home decor for your color is that it’s really easy to switch it up. Add a bold cushion or curtain depending on the season…if it’s a color you can’t live with permanently, you can swap it out easily.

You can also do this with furniture pieces, like the blue table in the photo above. If you decided you didn’t want blue anymore it would be a simple fix to change out just the side table and pillow. Another option would be to repaint that one piece! Since it’s smaller it wouldn’t be such a daunting task as repainting an entire room…


Want to go a little further than accessories for your room? You can frame wallpaper or paint a canvas to hang on the wall or bring in a spot color chair. When you want to change it up later you can switch out the chair to a different room or paint a new canvas.

You don’t have to limit yourself – it might even be easier to switch out one piece like the rug to make the room look different. Don’t be afraid to mix it up a little and make your room one that you love walking in to.


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