Functional over frills.

When you talking about home decor some would assume that it’s more about the fun of decorating than the functionality. That is where I disagree. Decorating isn’t all about the frills, its about function too. 
There’s no point in spending money on a room just to decorate it without considering how it’s going to function and if it’s going to need the need of the person using the space.
Navy + White:
You wouldn’t spend the money for a high quality stunning kitchen with multiple seating if you weren’t interested in cooking or entertaining!
5 tips for updating your bathroom with the Crate and Barrel Gift Registry on 100 Layer Cake:
Each room needs a sense of functionality to make it worth living in! That should be a major factor before you even decide to decorate. Make sure what you pick is going to serve your needs.
Project H Bedroom Reveal: Before and After by Avenue Lifestyle:
Do you decorate with purpose?


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