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Stuff I’m loving from Anthropologie

So I’ve been really out of the loop when it comes to EVERYTHING since Leo was born 1 year and 2 days ago!  Slowly I’m starting to come out from the first-time mom rock and live a bit of my own life again.  This includes dedicating more time to Decorology (a new Decorology is coming soon!), checking in with old blogger friends, trying to make new ones, and seeing what my favorite home decor stores have been up to.
While I do like Anthropologie their style isn’t exactly mine to a T, but an Anthropologie piece mixed in here or there throughout our home would be amazing.  Problem?  Monies.  But I dream.

How beautiful is this house?  The very cool rug and Moroccan wedding pouf are Anthropologie. The house is Sarah Schneider’s. Does anyone know who is this Sarah Schneider from Love, Sarah Schneider?  She obviously has lots of monies, and seems to feature A LOT of Anthropologie stuff, but I can’t find any info on what she does other than being a “wifey” “mommy” and blogger.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  She seems immensely talented and I’m just wondering if she was a stylist or event planner before that.

As always whimsical patterns and bohemian flair abound in Anthropologie’s rugs and upholstery.

The hand carved lotus bed is beautiful.  I’m also loving that bedding.  Anthropologie bedding is gorgeous, but I can only afford sale prices and then you can rarely get a matching set.

Mixing two goodies!  Lucite and brass.  I really like the palette in this photograph.

The spaces they shoot in are just as gorgeous as their furniture.  I love that coffee table.

And that settee…and that rug.  I’ve missed you Anthropologie.

Do you like Anthropologie or have any of their home goods? How’s the quality?

*This post is NOT sponsored nor have I received or been offered anything from Anthropologie.

All images via Anthropologie


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