Kid Friendly Homes

More and more and I enjoy seeing kids incorporated in home decor design. Most of what you see is staged views of how a home “should” look like but what we should see is more of what real life looks like combined with good design! 
20 Stylish and Kid-Friendly Spaces | Apartment Therapy:
When beautiful design and real life functionality come together, it’s a beautiful thing!
A ’30s Californian bungalow in Victoria’s Newtown renovated by Built By Wilson | window seat | carpet tiles | kids table:
We should all strive to find that balance between beautiful and functional in a sense that fits our lifestyles, not necessarily what’s “in” trend.
Kid-Friendly Attic Renovation | POPSUGAR Home:
If you need a guest room and a playroom, make a guest room that can be a playroom too! Just because it needs two very different functions, doesn’t mean it can’t come together beautifully.
Adorable reading nook under the stairs  | 10 Fun & Friendly Kids Playrooms Part 3 - Tinyme Blog:
via tinyme
Someone else might see chaos in a room that others see as a masterpiece! Make it your own and enjoy each piece of it. 
Warehouse Apartment In Australia - instagram - pinterest - bloglovin:
How do you incorporate your real life into your home decor design?


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