Create a staycation worthy home!

Daydreaming of a vacation but your budget says no? How about a staycation instead! Now it won’t be easy because it comes with a lot of planning and preparation, but the reward is totally worth it!
Step One: Declutter EVERYTHING! Spend a day in each room going through every single item you own. Fill boxes with things that need to leave that you can either donate or at the end of the week, host a huge yard sale and make some money off of your hard work. 
Navy, Wood and Grey Kitchen Designed by Grant K. Gibson:
Step Two: Pick one room that you’ve always wanted to update and do it! This one doesn’t have to be a budget buster. Fresh paint is cheap, or maybe a few new chairs you found at a yard or estate sale. A fresh outlook can really change your perspective.
Beautiful white and minimalist bathroom. Walk in shower and a huge bath!:
Step Three: Do a deep clean. Spend a weekend or treat yourself and pay someone else to clean with the money you made from selling your clutter! Get a nice fresh and clean smell throughout that house!
Tips and tricks for layering a monochromatic space. Image via Sita Montgomery Interiors. BHG:
via bhg
Step Four: If you are like me your office is at home. Either put it away, or close the doors! A staycation means putting aside work to enjoy your stay there. 
Step Five: Enjoy!


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