Freshen Up for Summer!

Sumner is all about getting outdoors and enjoying the sunshine, but what do you do if you feel like you are stuck at home with chores and cleaning to do?
Mix patterns like a pro by following this simple rulebook. One way to mix patterns is by starting basic. Try three patterns in a range of scales. Make sure to include lots of solid colors or neutrals in the room to keep things looking organized.:
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Maybe it’s time to freshen up the indoors to make your to do list a little less overwhelming! Clean out all the clutter and lighten up all the work!
Make almost everything in your home easy to clean in just a few seconds or less! Lose all the miscellaneous things that create more tasks for you to do like minimizing the amount of throw pillows on your bed and keeping your bedside tables clear of things.
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With little ones it is a lot harder to keep a space clean and tidy! Have a space for everything and give yourself a time limit to get it cleaned up in. That will get you moving and on to the next task!
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Lose the chaos and clutter! Dedicate a day to go through all of your things and get rid of what you don’t need. The less you have clutter up your vision, the less work your brain will feel like it needs to do each day. Sometimes, the less decisions actually are better. 
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Keep as many easy to clean items as you can. Something you can quickly wipe down and go is much less overwhelming then something that needs to be washed and dried! In the summer, sometimes I like to do use outdoor materials to make it a breeze.
For the bigger cleaning projects, split it up into certain parts on certain days. Clean the tub one day, the sink area the next, etc. 
How do you plan on freshening up your home for the summer?


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