Preparing your home for cold weather!

We always talk about what home decor ideas would be great for fall but what about home maintenance? Before the cold weather sets in, get your home in check with these  things:
Before it gets cold, go out and check all your outdoor lighting. Soon it will be dark earlier and you will most likely be using these lights more. Clean them up, change the bulbs, and get them prepped and ready for more use!
All you need are 2 traditional rocking chairs and a place to set your cold ice tea.....or other beverage....and rock the afternoon away.:
Simplify your porch, patio, and deck! With the leaves falling, the rain coming, the wind blowing, and soon to be snow, the less you have on your porch the better! Take away all the items that don’t do well with cold weather and keep the minimum.
HGTV's Favorite Trends to Try in 2015 | Interior Design Styles and Color Schemes for Home Decorating | HGTV:
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Check your windows and doors! Make sure they are sealed well inside and out and close properly. Weather is one thing that can really damage a home. It’s known for mold, wood rot, and pesky bugs and animals that decide your home is where they want to be! 
From Mini Manor Blog. I love this organizational station for yard and garden supplies. The table (for potting) folds down so the car can come in. The smaller tools are in the bag begin the fern and the larger tools are hanging. Soil in bigger trash can.:
Have easy access to your trash and recycle. Whether it’s in a garage or outside, make sure you have quick and easy access to it! It’s hard to keep a home clutter free and clean if you are having a hard time just getting your trash out of the house!
Minimalist TV room... Probably not dog friendly but so pretty!!:
Spring cleaning in the fall! Before the holiday’s come and it get’s so busy, get rid of all the clutter! Get your home ready for the holiday parties now. If you have time, do a deep clean! If not, just pick up all the extra pieces that are unnecessary in each room and make it feel fresh and new.
What do you like to do to get ready for fall?


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