Creative Laundry Spaces

Although a laundry room is usually last on everyone’s list to renovate or upgrade, these ideas may get you inspired to get in there and make your laundry room more functional!
Pull Color and Accents from Elsewhere:
via bhg
Having a defined area to fold laundry is something I personally love! It’s also nice for storing things that you use constantly like laundry soap.
Having a place to hang up your clothes as soon as you pull them out of they dryer is nice! Having a hanging area that doesn’t take up much space is even better!
Keeping laundry storage clutter free is not easy. Baskets are a great idea to hide all the clutter but keep everything easily accessible. 
Wasmachine in natruimte bij Piet Jan van den Kommer & Jolanda Kruse,:
Pick materials you love! Great cabinets, drawers, and counter tops can make a huge difference on your mood the second you walk into the laundry room. Make sure it’s a space that you actually enjoy being in!


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