Inspiring ways to use fabric and textiles


There are so many interesting ways to incorporate fabric in your hope besides curtains in blankets! Check out some awesome ways I found:

Frame a favorite scarf.  Even if it’s just on display in the summer when you won’t be wearing it, you’ll get more enjoyment from it than if it were  just hanging in your closet!
Use shoebox lids, styrofoam, or canvas stretchers to mount your favorite swatches as a pretty gallery wall collection.
Hanging your fabric on your wall as wall art is probably one of the most budget friendly options as well as it being so easy to change out if you ever decide you want a different view.
An extra touch to your luxury bedroom! I have always had a little place in my heart for canopy beds and I love how simple this one is. I might be utilizing this idea to hide our heat pump…
Using some favorite fabric on a table or coffee table is a great way to make an impromptu table cloth or runner.
via H&M
Even if it’s just a simple project like wrapping a lampshade in fabric – it can really help a room pop!


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