Industrial Eye Candy – using just a dash or go all out


Spring is the time for cleaning out our homes and bringing in new fresh design. It’s all the season of yard sales, festivals, and fairs which can bring some seriously great finds for your home! Here are a few ideas of what you can do with those industrial style finds:

via funkyjunkinteriors

I love the industrial style shelving here, even if you can only find the pipes there are plenty of tutorials on how to create your own shelving with them!

Love the #industrial and #rustic feel of this #bathroom, especially that mirror! @Better Homes and Gardens

via bhg
It could be something as simple as a light fixture that gives you a little extra in a room or some great baskets to use on open shelving. 

via Pinterest via Stroll Without Shoes

via Pinterest via

The great thing about industrial finds is that they are great for mixing and matching. You don’t necessarily need to have an industrial theme in order to make a piece fit into your decor. It can stand on it’s own and look amazing. 


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