Milan Design Week 2014

Last week, the International Design Week took place in Milan! From the Rossana Orlando exhibition Untoldat the Museum Bagatti Valsecchi to the Berlin Design Selection at Ventura / Lambrate to the Romeo & Juliet 2.0 event via Paolo Sarpi featuring original spiral staircases, designers, journalists, bloggers, architects and many other were looking for the new trends and ideas of this year. So what are they?

The Grandmother Clock realized by Marteen Baas for Carpenters Workshop, is an incredible piece of work. Every five minutes an old lady projected inside the clock erased the past hour to indicate the current hour. It is fascinating how well is done because you don’t actually notice that a person is waiting inside the clock and then suddenly you can see a face with a moving harm holding a pen in the hand. 
At via Paolo Sarpi 60, Marco Goffi recreated the Juliets home on the first floor of the nice space Presso_Kook Sharing Experience. Thanks to the installation o a winding red spiralstaircase kit made by Fontanot, the upper façade level have been transformed into the ideal entrance of a “casa di Giuletta_RELOADED”, an event part of the Romeo & Juliet 2.0concept. On the backdrop of the Shakespearean lovers shall be on stage the theater, the sense of home, the kitchen and the design.

Within the frame of the Berlin Design Selection, visitors discovered in Milan a curated selection of design works curated by young Berliner’s designers. From flamboyant lights to coat racks to artistic hanging vase, this year exhibition was literally interesting and surprising. As a special guest, the internationally known German designer Werner Aisslinger got two of his newest creations:

 A leather brown Coliseum Sofa soft that have created a lot of reaction from visitors, astonishment and laugh from the youngest to interest and compliments from the older.

A Bookcase color bronze with the shape of an atom holding plants, books and a little table.
To conclude this year design week was definitely worth to see with hundreds of events, exhibitions, music festivals and other great initiative for grown up as for kids. 


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