Taking A Minimalist Approach – clean and serene spaces


Sometimes I think we forget that simple can be just as beautiful as well decorated! With things so hectic in my life with the wedding right now, it’s nice to see such simple, clean spaces.  Spring is also a great time to clear out clutter – so be a little more ruthless when you empty out those closets this season.

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10 Gorgeous Home Office Makeovers Office makeover from Bower Power. Benjamin Moore Palladium Blue.

This office space really inspires me to clear mine out a bit.  Less “stuff” means less distractions and therefore better focus.

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I don’t think minimal has to mean bare, just well edited and thought out.  It also calls more attention to the objects you do display, so they can take center stage.

via House of Fifty

Minimal also doesn’t need to be white, light, or neutral. It’s all about lines and your ratio of positive and negative space.

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Have a seat :)

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It makes me want to pick a room and see what I can do with it to make it as clean and uncluttered as the ones featured here.  Once we get back from our honeymoon – I think I will start with my office!


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